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Two Ding granule

product details

【Drug name】

   Two Ding granule


  Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

【Approval number】

   The quasi-character of Chinese medicine Z22024736

【Drug types】

  Chinese patent medicine


   Purple Flower Dingding, Lotus Chinensis, Dandelion, Radix Isatidis.


   This product is brown granules, sweet and bitter.

【Functional Governance】

   Clearing away heat and toxic material. It is used for hot boils, sore throats and hot eyes caused by heat and toxicity.

【Usage and Dosage】

   Rinse with boiling water. One bag at a time, three times a day.


   20 grams in each bag




   Compound film for medicinal packaging, 20g x 10 bags


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