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Bushen Anshen Oral Liquid

product details

【Name of drug】   Bushen Anshen Oral Liquid Types】

  Yishen Anshen

【Approval number】

  The quasi-character of Chinese medicine B20020374

【Drug types】  Chinese patent medicine

  Sour jujube seed, lily, deer antler (peeled), Polygonum multiflorum, epimedium, jujube, dried ginger, licorice, vitamin B1


  This product is a brown-yellow liquid; slightly odorous, sour, sweet, slightly spicy.

【Functional Governance】

  Kidney tonifying, peace of mind, calm the mind. For insomnia, amnesia, dizziness, tinnitus, panic, waist and knee weakness and other


【Usage and Dosage】

  Oral administration, 10 ml (1 pill at a time), twice a day


  10 ml each


   Oral liquid


 Oral liquid medicine foldable bottles and glass bottles,

 10 ml *10, 10 ml *12

【Loading capacity per piece】

  50 boxes/pieces;

  60 boxes/pieces

Taboos  Pregnant women are forbidden to use it; patients with exogenous fever are forbidden to take it.

  Sealed in shade (no more than 20C)

Bushen Anshen Oral Liquid is composed of jujube seed, lily, deer antler (peeled), epimedium, Radix Polygoni multiflori, ginger, jujube and other traditional Chinese medicines. Its prescription is excellent and its compatibility is rigorous. Among them, Epimedium has a bitter and warm taste, functions of nourishing kidney, nourishing yang, strengthening marrow and essence, but the kidney is the main bone, generating marrow and brain is the sea of marrow, so it has the function of nourishing brain and benefiting marrow. With Polygonum multiflorum, Polygonum multiflorum has the functions of nourishing yin, nourishing blood, tonifying kidney and nourishing brain. Jujube is sweet and spicy, which is the key medicine for tonifying Qi and nourishing blood, calming mind and nourishing heart. Dry ginger has the characteristics of spicy taste, warm taste and warm function, and can be used for stomach cold pain. It can be used for insomnia, amnesia, dizziness, tinnitus, palpitation, soreness of waist and knee, etc.
【Pharmacological action】
1. Promoting memory acquisition, memory reproduction and memory consolidation (significantly improving memory impairment, significantly antagonizing memory-destroying drugs)
2. It has obvious anti-fatigue and anti-aging effect.
3. It significantly reduced the number of independent activities of mice.
4. Improve specific and non-specific immunity.
5. The total flavonoids of Herba Epimedii in this product have androgen-like effects, can promote sperm secretion, can strongly stimulate the sensory nerve, produce special physiological effects of sexual excitation.
6. Inhibiting the function of osteocytes, especially increasing the formation of calcified bone, has the function of "reinforcing bone", which has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on osteoporosis.
【Clinical application】
For insomnia, amnesia, dizziness, tinnitus, palpitation, weakness of waist and knee, mental fatigue, decreased work efficiency, decreased sexual desire and other symptoms.
【Manufacturing Enterprises】
Enterprise Name: Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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