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Rock flake

product details


Investment Promotion Area
   Whole country

   Traditional Chinese Medicine Products/Other Traditional Chinese Medicine Products

【Approval number】

   Z22020137 (produced by Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

【Product packaging】

   Aluminum-plastic packaging, 36 pieces/box. 200 boxes/pieces

【Product Specification】



   Clear heat and water, Tonglin stone. For kidney stones, ureter, bladder and other urinary system stones.

【Product Advantage】



【Brief description】
Take 6 tablets orally three times a day.
【Requirements for Agents】
Have a strong sense of responsibility and confidence;
Have mature and perfect sales network;
Have the determination of long-term cooperation;
It has certain economic strength and good commercial reputation.
Companies and individuals with terminal (OTC, RX) promotion capabilities;
Has rich market operation experience, strong market development ability;
Good reputation of commercial network;
A smooth market channel.
【Support is available】
Timely supply of goods;
Strict market protection to ensure the operation of rights and interests;
Provide reasonable operating space to ensure that input is proportional to revenue;
Enterprises will continue to provide comprehensive services to agents.
Good after-sales service;
Provide legal business procedures.
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