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Lipid-removing Hair-generating Tablets

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【Name of drug】   Lipid-removing Hair-generating Tablets Chinese Pinyin   Chuzhi Shengfa  Pian
【Approval number】   The quasi-character of Chinese medicine Z22022123 Implementation criteria

  The Ministry promulgates the standard

  Chinese medicine prescription

  preparation Volume 10 WS3-B-2003-95.


  Angelica sinensis, Peony bark, Chuanxiong, Fresh white bark, Cicada slough, Rehmannia glutinosa, Sophora flavescens,

  Fangfeng, Polygonum multiflorum (made), Schizonepeta, Bombyx Batryticatus (fried with bran), centipede.

【Character】   This product is a sugar coated tablet. After removing the sugar coat, it appears brown to brown. It smells slight and tastes bitter.
【Functional Governance】

  Nourishing Yin, nourishing blood, dispelling wind, activating collaterals, relieving itching and removing grease. For

  seborrheic alopecia, scalp itching, dandruff, hyperlipidemia.

【Usage and Dosage】

  Take 6 to 8 tablets orally three times a day. Children's discretion.

【Specifications】   nothing Packing

  Compound film packaging for

  medicinal packaging,

  6g x 6 bags/boxes, 12 bags/boxes, 

  24 bags/boxes.


  It's not clear yet.

【Term of validity】   36 months.
Matters needing attention   Pregnant women and those with other diseases follow the doctor's advice.

  Seal up.

Adverse reactions】   It's not clear yet.


【Manufacturing Enterprises】
Enterprise Name: Jilin Gaomiao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Production Address: No. 8 Fufu Road, Chaoyang Town, Huinan County, Jilin Province
Postal code: 135100
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Registration Address: No. 8 Fufu Road, Chaoyang Town, Huinan County
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