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Compound Dantong Capsule

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【Name of drug】   Compound Dantong Capsule Chinese Pinyin   Fufang Dantong Jiaonang
【Approval number】   The quasi-character of Chinese medicine Z220 20153 Implementation criteria

  Ministry-promulgated Standards for

  Preparations of Traditional Chinese

  Medicine Volume 5 WS-B-0974-91


  Angelica sinensis, Peony bark, Chuanxiong, Fresh white bark, Cicada slough, Rehmannia glutinosa, Sophora flavescens,

  Fangfeng, Polygonum multiflorum (made), Schizonepeta, Bombyx Batryticatus (fried with bran), centipede.

【Character】   This product is a capsule with brown content, bitter and astringent taste.
【Functional Governance】

  Clearing heat and promoting gallbladder, relieving spasm and relieving pain. For acute and chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis,

  gallbladder and biliary calculi with infection, cholecystectomy syndrome,biliary functional diseases, etc.

【Usage and Dosage】

  Take 2 capsules orally three times a day.

【Specifications】    nothing 【Packing】

  Aluminum-plastic packaging,

  12 pieces of *2 boards/boxes.


  It's not clear yet.

【Term of validity】   36 months.
Matters needing attention

  Large doses can cause excessive bile secretion and diarrhea, and patients with jaundice caused by obstructive or

  infectious diseases should be cautious.


  Seal up.

Adverse reactions】

  Individual patients may have dizziness, abdominal distension, chest tightness, rash, diarrhea and other adverse reactions.

  After stopping the drug, it can disappear by itself.


【Manufacturing Enterprises】
Enterprise Name: Jilin Zixin Yuzhu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Production Address: Changliu Village, Huantong Township, Dongchang District, Tonghua City
Postal code: 134001
Telephone number: 0435-5115690/4007002118
Fax number: 0435-5119111
Registration Address: Changliu Village, Huantong Township, Dongchang District, Tonghua City
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