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Danggui Buxue Pill

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【Name of drug】   Danggui Buxue Pill 【Types】   Invigorating qi and nourishing blood
【Approval number】   The quasi-character of Chinese medicine Z22025016 【Drug types】   Chinese patent medicine
【Ingredients】   Angelica sinensis and Astragalus membranaceus
【Character】   This product is brown and yellow honey pills; sweet and spicy.
【Functional Governance】   To Nourish Qi and blood. It is used for weakness of body and deficiency of both qi and blood.
【usage and dosage】

  Take orally 6g (one bag at a time) twice a day.

【Specifications】   nothing 【Formulation】   Pill

  Compound film packaging for medicinal packaging,

  6g x 6 bags/boxes, 12 bags/boxes, 24 bags/boxes.

【Loading capacity per piece】

  150 boxes/pieces;

  60 boxes/pieces.

【Reference price】  
【Product Information】


【Historical Evolution】

  From The Theory of Differentiating Internal and External Injuries. Danggui Buxue Decoction is the basic prescription for invigorating

  qi and promoting blood circulation. It is reproduced on page 68 of the first volume of the standards issued by the Ministry.


The original dosage of Astragalus is more than 5 times that of Angelica sinensis. It means that Astragalus is reused to nourish the Qi of spleen and lung, to nourish the source of blood, and Angelica sinensis is used to nourish blood and invigorate blood circulation. This compatibility can achieve the purpose of nourishing yang and preserving yin, Promoting Yang and Yin, Invigorating Qi and promoting blood and invigorating blood. The purpose of the original intention is mainly based on the viewpoint that blood carries gas, gas absorbs blood, and gas and blood depend on each other. Blood deficiency means that Qi has nothing to depend on. Yang-qi floats beyond the outside. Therefore, skin is hot, face is red, pulse is big and deficient; blood deficiency causes thirst and thirst to drink. Blood deficiency and air floatation are in urgent need of blood replenishment, but tangible blood cannot grow fast, invisible Qi should be urgently, otherwise both qi and blood will die. Therefore, it is reasonable to reuse Astragalus membranaceus with the method of Invigorating Qi and generating blood. Practice has proved that Qi and blood are abundant, Yin and Yang secrets are deficient and heat subsides, thus achieving the goal of "sweet warming and removing heat". The whole prescription cooperates with the function of nourishing qi and blood, and is suitable for both deficiencies of Qi and blood.
【Pharmacological action】
This medicine has the following functions: 1) anti-injury, improving immunity and hematopoietic function; 2) promoting metabolism of protein and nucleic acid; 3) improving hemorheology. That is to say, it has protective effect on hypoglycemic and hypoxic injury of cardiac myocytes and on the heart and brain of hypoxic animals; it has obvious enhancing effect on immune function of macrophages, lymphocytes and T lymphocytes; it has obvious promoting effect on protein synthesis of liver of mice; it has an increasing trend on serum protein synthesis; and the peripheral red blood cells and hemoglobin of anemia model of experimental animals have obviously increased. It can also protect hepatocytes and improve blood rheology. It provides experimental basis for clinical application.
【Clinical application】
1. Danggui Buxue Pill is used for leucopenia, thrombocytopenic purpura, functional uterine bleeding, vertigo, low fever to be checked, hematochezia, menorrhea, lochia, rheumatoid arthritis and so on.
2. Danggui Buxue Pill is used in patients with severe blood loss, aplastic anemia, allergic purpura, sores and ulcers that have not been closed for a long time, chronic nephritis and post-operative anemia, which belong to the syndrome of deficiency of both qi and blood.
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