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Qingre Lidan Granule

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【Name of drug】   Qingre Lidan Granule 【Types】   Clearing heat and dampness
【Approval number】   The quasi-character of Chinese medicine Z220 20158 【Drug types】   Chinese patent medicine
【Ingredients】   Qianqiao, Hebao, Fengweicao, Zihua Ding.
【Character】   This product is brown to brown granules; sweet, slightly bitter.
【Functional Governance】   Clearing heat and dampness, eliminating inflammation and gallbladder. For cholecystitis, gallstones with cholecystitis.
【usage and dosage】   Oral administration, 15 g once, 3 times a day.
【Specifications】   Each bag weighs 15g 【Formulation】   Granule

  Compound film packaging for medicinal packaging,

  15g x 10 bags/boxes, 15g x 15 bags/boxes.

【Loading capacity per piece】

  60 boxes/pieces,

  45 boxes/pieces.

【Reference price】  
【Product Information】



Lianqiangcao Huoxue Tongluo, Jianpi Lishui, diuresis Tonglin, dehumidification and pain relief; Lotus grass clearing heat and dampness, detoxification and detoxification; Fengweicao clearing heat and dampness, cooling blood and hemostasis, detoxification and detoxification; Zihua Ding function clearing heat and detoxification, cooling blood and detumescence, four drugs compatibility, play the effect of clearing heat and dampness, anti-inflammation and gallbladder.
【Clinical application】
Acute and chronic cholecystitis, gallstones with cholecystitis.
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