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Zhikening Cough Capsule

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【Name of drug】   Zhikening Cough Capsule Chinese Pinyin   Zhike Ningsou  Jiaonang
【Approval number】   The quasi-character of Chinese medicine Z22022133 Implementation criteria

  The Ninth Volume WS3-B-1700-94

  of the Ministry's Standard Formulas 

  of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


  Platycodon grandiflorum, Schizonepeta, Radix Baipi, Aster (made), White Front (made), Qianhu, Fagopyrum fargesii (honeyed),

  Ephedra (honeyed), Citrus peel, bitter almond (fried), Fangfeng. Supplementary materials are: none.

【Character】   This product is a hard capsule, the content is brown granules; the taste is slightly sweet and bitter.
【Functional Governance】

  Disperse wind and disperse cold, release lung and relieve exterior, relieve cough and expectorate phlegm. For cold cough,

  vomiting, sor throat.

【usage and dosage】

  Oral administration of 4 to 6 capsules once, 2 to 3 times a day.

【Specifications】   Each grain is 0.25 grams. Packing】

  Aluminum-plastic packaging,

  12 pieces of *3 boards/boxes.


  It's not clear yet.

【Term of validity】   36 months.
Matters needing attention
   1. Avoid spicy, greasy food.
   2. This product is suitable for Wind-cold cough. Its manifestations are heavy cough, shortness of breath, thin white sputum, often
   accompanied by nasal obstruction and runny nose.
   3. Patients with bronchiectasis, lung abscess, cor pulmonale and tuberculosis should be taken under the guidance of doctors.
   4. If there is no improvement in the symptoms after three days, stop taking and go to the hospital.
   5. During the medication period, if the patient has high fever, body temperature over 38 C, or wheezing, or cough aggravation, the 
   sputum volume significantly increased should go to the hospital.
   6. Use cautiously in patients with hypertension and heart disease.
   7. This product should not be taken for a long time. Children, pregnant women and people with weak constitution should use
   it carefully.
   8. It is forbidden for those allergic to this product, but cautious for those with allergic constitution.
   9. It is forbidden to use this product when its character changes.
   10. Children must be used under adult guardianship.
   11. Please keep this product out of reach of children.
   12. If you are using other drugs, consult your physician or pharmacist before using this product.
   13. Use cautiously by athletes.

  Seal up.

Adverse reactions】   It's not clear yet.


【Drug Interaction】
If drug interactions may occur with other drugs, please consult your physician or pharmacist for details.
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