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Pediatric Baibei Cough Syrup

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【Drug name】

  Pediatric Baibei Cough Syrup



【Approval number】

  The quasi-character of Chinese medicine Z22020176

【Types of drugs】

  Chinese patent medicine


  Chelidonium majus, Fritillaria fritillaria, Fructus trichosanthis, Pinellia ternata (alum).


  This product is a brown viscous liquid with a sweet taste.

【Functional indications】

  Clearing heat and detoxifying, resolving phlegm and relieving cough. It is used for coughing caused by phlegm and fire

  obstructing the lung, yellow phlegm or blood in phlegm, chest and hypochondriac distension and pain, as well as burning

  the lung with fire and obstructing the airway with phlegm.

【usage and dosage】

  Oral administration, within six months, once 1-5 ml; 7-12 months, once 5-15 ml; 1-3 years old, once 20 ml; 3-6 years old,

  once 20-25 ml;Six to nine years old, 25 to 30 ml at a time; over nine years old, 30 to 50 ml at a time; three times a day.


 10 ml * 10 branches; 10 ml * 6 branches.




  Oral solid medicinal plastic bottles, 10 in each box and 6 in each box.

【Quantity per item】

  60 boxes/pieces;

  80 boxes/pieces.

【Reference price】


【Product information】




Chelidonium majus: Cool in nature and bitter in taste. It has the functions of analgesia, cough relief, asthma relief and swelling relief. For the treatment of chronic bronchitis, pertussis, etc. Trichosanthes: Ganhan Qingrun, Qingre Huatan, Runfei Qi. For the treatment of phlegm-heat internal knot, cough chest tightness, phlegm yellow sticky; Pinellia ternata: this product is hot and dry, damp and phlegm, for the treatment of phlegm-heat into the lung, cough phlegm yellow, sticky and difficult to cough; Fritillaria Pingbeimu: this product is cold and moist, both heat and phlegm, but also can moisten dry cough, for the treatment of heat and phlegm cough and Yin deficiency and dry cough. This product is used to treat children's phlegm-heat cough. It is well-matched and plays the role of clearing away heat and detoxification, resolving phlegm and stopping cough. It is mainly used in clinic to treat children's phlegm-heat cough.


【Pharmacological Study】

TCM usually divides cough into five syndrome types: wind-heat, wind-cold, phlegm-dampness, phlegm-heat, Yin deficiency and dryness-heat. Pediatric Baibei cough syrup has curative effect on the above five symptoms, and the natural nutrients contained in this product, such as magnesium, iron, zinc, play an important role in the normal growth and development of human body and other life activities.



Clinically, it is mainly used for Yin deficiency, dry cough, cough, chest tightness, phlegm, yellow and viscous, etc. Treatment of pertussis, acute and chronic bronchitis, respiratory tract infection, children with phlegm-heat cough, acute and chronic pneumonia cough and other diseases.

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