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Xingnao Zaizao Capsule

product details


【Name of drug】

  Xingnao Zaizao Capsule


  Removing Stasis and Removing


【Approval number】

  The quasi-character of Chinese medicine Z22020121

【Drug types】

  Chinese patent medicine


  Astragalus membranaceus, Epimedium, Acorus tatarinowii, Red Ginseng, Panax notoginseng, Earthworm, Angelica sinensis,

  Safflower, Fangfangji, Paeonia rubra, Peach kernel (fried), Cassia, Gastrodia elata, Herba Hedysarum, Sophora japonica

  (fried), Atractylodes macrocephala (fried), Dannanxing, Kudzu root, Radix Scorpion, Coptis, Forsythia, Alismatis, Ligusticum 

  chuanxiong, Lycium barbarbarbarum, Scorpion (decoupled), Radix Polygoni multiflorum multiflorum multiflorum, Cassia, Alba, 

  Aconiti, Aconite Xin, Muxiang, Stir-fried Silkworm, Pig Tooth Soap, Borneol, Pearl (Tofu), Rhubarb.


  This product is a capsule containing brown to black-brown granules and powders. It is fragrant, sweet and slightly bitter.

【Functional Governance】

  Removing phlegm and awakening the brain, dispelling wind and activating collaterals. It can be used to treat mental disorder,

  speech astringency, mouth salivation, muscle and bone pain, hand and foot constriction and hemiplegia caused by wind-phlegm

  obstruction and clearance of orifices, and to treat patients with cerebral thrombosis in convalescence and sequelae.

【usage and dosage】

  Take 4 capsules orally twice a day.


  0.35g per grain




  Aluminum-plastic packaging, 12 *2 boards/boxes,

  12 *3 boards/boxes,

  12 *4 boards/boxes

【Loading capacity per piece】

  200 boxes / pieces

【Reference price】  
【Product Information】

  Catalogue of medicines for national basic medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and reproductive insurance (Category B)

  National Protected Varieties of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  Chinese patent medicine with high quality and good price
  Famous Brand of Jilin Province


【Product characteristics】
The formulation of Xingnao Zaozhuang Capsule not only conforms to the overall concept of treating both the symptoms and the symptoms of traditional Chinese medicine, but also conforms to the principle of treating cerebrovascular diseases in modern medicine. Therefore, the drug has the characteristics of systematic regulation, strengthening self-stabilization mechanism to eliminate pathogenic factors, preventing recurrence of illness and less side effects.
【Pharmacological action】
Xingnao Zaozhuang Capsule can significantly reduce the volume of cerebral infarction, reduce cerebrovascular resistance, reduce platelet aggregation, inhibit thrombosis, reduce whole blood viscosity, prevent red blood cell aggregation and adhesion, inhibit platelet production and release of TXA2 and 5-HT cerebrovascular substances, prolong the time required for thrombosis, shorten the length of thrombus and reduce the weight of thrombus.
Xingnao Zaozhuang Capsule can effectively inhibit coagulation, promote fibrinolysis and prolong prothrombin time.
Xingnao Zaozhuang Capsule can effectively improve microcirculation, accelerate the speed of microcirculation blood flow, increase the number of capillary cross-network points, promote the recovery of red and fine flow velocity and flow pattern in microvessels, and relieve microvascular spasm.
Xingnao Zaozhuang Capsule can not only dilate coronary artery, increase coronary flow, dilate coronary artery, especially significantly increase stenosis coronary blood flow. It can also effectively reduce hyperlipidemia and triglyceride indicators, resist the formation of atherosclerotic plaque, and promote the return of blood pressure to normal.
【Clinical application】
Cerebral thrombosis, cerebral embolism and sequelae of cerebral hemorrhage caused by cerebral apoplexy. It has significant effects on the treatment and rehabilitation of brain atrophy, memory loss, senile dementia, complete and incomplete hemiplegia, hemiplegia, mouth and eye deviation, unclear language, hand and foot constraints, limb numbness, edema and pain, incontinence of urine and urine. At the same time, it can effectively prevent the recurrence of cerebral apoplexy, and has a good therapeutic and preventive effect on coronary heart disease.
It has been proved by toxicity test and long-term clinical application that the product has no obvious side effects and can be taken for a long time.
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