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Xiao Huo Luo Wan

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【Name of drug】   Xiaohuoluo Pill General name   Xiaohuoluo Pill
【Approval number】   The quasi-character of Chinese medicine Z22024964 Chinese Pinyin   Xiaohuoluo Wan
【Ingredients】   Prepare Radix Aconiti Sinensis, Radix Dilong, Radix Aconiti Makino, Frankincense (fried), Dannanxing (fried), Myrrh (fried).
【Character】   This product is a dark gray to black coated concentrated pill, except the coat, dark brown; fragrant, spicy, bitter.
【Functional Governance】

  Removing wind and dampness, activating collaterals and dredging arthralgia. Used for wind cold dampness paralysis, limb pain,

  numbness and constriction.

【usage and dosage】   Serve with rice wine or warm boiled water, 6 pills a time, 1 to 2 times a day, or follow the doctor's advice.
【Specifications】   Each 6 pills is equivalent to 2.3g of the original medicinal material. 【Storage】   Seal up
【Packing】   Oral solid medicinal plastic bottle packaging, 100 pills X 1 bottle/box. Term of validity   36 months.
【Matters needing attention】   It is forbidden for pregnant women. This product contains Chuanqiu, Caowu and Dannanxing.
【Implementation criteria】

  Ministry-promulgated Standards for Preparations of Traditional Chinese Medicine Volume 6 WS-B-1096-92


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