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Shenfukang Capsule

product details


【Name of drug】

  Shenfukang Capsule


  Clearing heat and drenching

【Approval number】

  The quasi-character of Chinese medicine Z22020122

【Drug types】

  Chinese patent medicine


  Poria cocos, Sophora japonica, Leonurus heterophylla, Pogostemon cabbage.


  This product is a capsule containing a yellowish-brown powder.

【Functional Governance】

  Clearing heat and diuresis, tonifying kidney and removing turbidity. It is used for heat, astringent pain, acute nephritis and edema,

  and acute attack of chronic nephritis.

【usage and dosage】

  Take 4 - 6 tablets orally, three times a day.


  0.3g per grain




  Aluminum-plastic packaging, 48 grains/boxes;

  60 grains/boxes; Oral solid medicinal plastic bottles,

  80 grains/boxes.

【Loading capacity per piece】

  200 boxes/pieces;

  100 boxes/pieces.

【Reference price】  
【Product Information】

  Catalogue of medicines for national basic medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and reproductive insurance (Category B)

  Chinese patent medicine with high quality and good price


Shenfukang capsule is composed of Tufuling cocos, Sophora japonica, White Maotai root, Leonurus japonicus and Pogostemon japonica. It has the functions of clearing heat and diuresis, benefiting the kidney and removing turbidity. In the prescription, Tutu cocos is the monarch medicine, removing dampness and dredging collaterals, and treating dampness and heat. Sophora flower bitterness and slight cold is the subject medicine, which clears heat and cools blood, and cures coke, wind and heat. Baimao root is sweet and cold, clearing heat and promoting body fluid, cooling blood and stopping bleeding. It is good for treating lung and stomach heat. It has beneficial water effect. It can guide heat down and assist the above two medicines to achieve clearing heat and water, cooling blood and stopping bleeding. Huoxiang dissolves dampness and resuscitates the spleen, assists Tufa cocos and Baimao root to remove dampness and water, relieves edema, and is more good and wakes the spleen. It can relieve dry mouth, nausea, nausea, nausea and abdominal distention.
【Pharmacological action】
Used in the treatment of acute nephritis and chronic glomerulonephritis with acute attack and clinical manifestations of wind-evil guest surface, spleen deficiency and dampness, it has the characteristics of convenient use, shorter course of treatment and remarkable curative effect. It is especially effective for edema, pharyngalgia, urinary yellow, bitter mouth and dry mouth. The total effective rate of clinical trials reaches 83.8l%, and there is no adverse reaction in clinical observation.
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