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Neixiao Pill

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【Drug name】   Knot Pills for Domestic Sale (National Essential Drugs) 【Types】

  Wen Manager Qi Huoxue Sanjie 


【Approval number】   The quasi-character of Chinese medicine Z22022806 【Drug types】   Chinese patent medicine

  Prunella vulgaris, Radix Scrophulariae, Daqing salt, seaweed, Fritillaria thunbergii, mint, trichosanthin, clamshell (calcined), white

  fungus, Forsythia suspense, ripe rhubarb, liquorice, Rehmannia glutinosa, platycodon, trifoliate, angelica, Xuanming powder.

【Character】   This product is a gray yellow water pill; slightly fragrant, salty and bitter taste.
【Functional Governance】   Soft and firm are scattered. Used for scrofulous phlegm nucleus or swelling or pain.
【usage and dosage】

  Oral administration, 9g once, 1-2 times a day.

【Specifications】   9g per bottle 【Formulation】   Pill

  Oral Solid Medicinal Plastic Bottles, 6 Bottles/Boxes

【Loading capacity per piece】   200 boxes/pieces
【Reference price】  
【Product Information】

  Catalogue of medicines for national basic medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and reproductive insurance (Category A)

Historical Evolution   From Gu Shicheng's Yangyi Daquan in Qing Dynasty


Neixiao Langwan consists of Prunella vulgaris, seaweed, clamshell, Forsythia suspensa, Baifu, Daqing salt, trichosanthin, Xuanming powder, Fritillaria thunbergii, Aurantium aurantium, Angelica sinensis, Rehmannia glutinosa, Rhubarb, Radix Scrophulariae, Platycodon grandiflori, menthol and liquorice. In the prescription, Prunella vulgaris is used to clear liver and fire, soften solid and disperse knots as the monarch medicine; supplemented by seaweed, clamshell to remove phlegm, soften hard and disperse knots, Forsythia suspense, white fungus, green salt to clear heat, detoxify and detoxify swelling; trichosanthin, Xuanming powder, Fritillaria thunbergii, Aurantium trifoliate to disperse phlegm; supplemented by Angelica, Rehmannia, ripe rhubarb, Radix Scrophulariae to nourish Licorice and seaweed complement each other on the contrary, removing blood stasis and detoxification, and reconciling the various medicines. The whole recipe has the effect of resolving phlegm, softening and dispersing knots.
【Clinical application】
1. Nourishing kidney and lung, soothing liver and nourishing blood, resolving phlegm, softening firmness and dispersing knots. The main treatment of qi stagnation and phlegm congestion neck mass caused by phlegm congestion, breast mass, tired like beads, skin color unchanged, not hot, solid mass, or fester after fester purulent thin, gray flesh, dark skin, not easy to close mouth. Tongue coating thin white or yellowish, light tongue, pulse number of neck, breast mass disease. Mainly used for the treatment of acute and chronic cervical lymphadenitis, lymph node nucleus, breast hyperplasia, breast benign mass. It can also be used for early treatment of boils. Most of them are used in the treatment of cervical lymph node nucleus. Taking medicine for 2 to 3 months can reduce or calcify the lymph nodes, which has obvious therapeutic effect.
2. Thyroma of phlegm-heat-yin stagnation type, nodular goiter, breast fibroadenoma, cystic hyperplasia of breast, lipoma, myofibromatosis and multiple neurofibroma.
3. Neixiao Lang Wan makes use of the principle of Prunella vulgaris's bitter cold and heat releasing, Xinneng Sanjie, together with other minister drugs to clear heat and detoxify, dry and damp Xiehuo, soft and firm Sanjie, diuresis and drenching. Therefore, it is often used in clinic for swelling and pain of eyeteeth, headache, dizziness and scrofula. Treatment of urinary tract infection and prostatic hypertrophy with inflammation is also a good effect.
Use sparse stools carefully.
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