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Ganteling Capsule

product details


【Investment Promotion Area】   Whole country

  Traditional Chinese Medicine Products/Internal Medicine

【Approval number】

  Z22020166 (produced by Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

【Product packaging】

  Aluminum-plastic packaging, 12 *1 boards/boxes, 12 *2 boards/boxes, are 200 boxes/pieces, 12 *3 boards/boxes, 300 boxes/pieces.

【Product Specification】

  0.2 g (containing 50 mg paracetamol) per capsule


  Clear heat and detoxify, clear lung and relieve cough. Used for coughing, runny nose, headache and dizziness in the early stage of cold.

【Product Advantage】



【Brief description】
Take 2 to 4 capsules orally, three times a day.
【Requirements for Agents】
Have a strong sense of responsibility and confidence;
Have mature and perfect sales network;
Have the determination of long-term cooperation;
It has certain economic strength and good commercial reputation.
Companies and individuals with terminal (OTC, RX) promotion capabilities;
Has rich market operation experience, strong market development ability;
Good reputation of commercial network;
A smooth market channel.
【Support is available】
Timely supply of goods;
Strict market protection to ensure the operation of rights and interests;
Provide reasonable operating space to ensure that input is proportional to revenue;
Enterprises will continue to provide comprehensive services to agents.
Good after-sales service;
Provide legal business procedures.
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