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Suzi Jiangqi Pill

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【Name of drug】   Suzi Jiangqi Pill Types

  Antitussive and antiasthmatic

【Approval number】

  The quasi-character of Chinese medicine Z20063628

【Drug types】   Chinese patent medicine

  Perilla frutescens, Magnolia officinalis (fried), Qianhu, licorice, ginger, Pinellia ternata, orange peel, aloes, angelica, ginger, jujube.


  This product is light yellow or light brown spherical or quasi-spherical water balls; slightly fragrant, sweet taste.

Functional Governance

  Decreasing Qi and phlegm. For white phlegm, cough and asthma, shortness of breath, chest tightness, movement is aggravated.

usage and dosage

  Oral administration, 6 g once, 1-2 times a day.


  Every 13 grains weighs 1 gram.


  Pills (water pills)


  Medicinal packaging is packed with composite film,

  6 g *6 bags/boxes.

【Loading capacity per piece】   150 boxes/pieces
Reference price  
Product Information

  Catalogue of medicines for national basic medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and reproductive insurance (Category B)

  National Exclusive Variety
  National Protected Varieties of Traditional Chinese Medicine


In the prescription, Perilla frutescens is used as the monarch medicine to reduce Qi and expectoration, relieve cough and asthma. The classic Fengyuan calls it "lower breath, so it is suitable for those with disadvantageous chest diaphragm", and it is also called "a good medicine for relieving asthma and cough, eliminating phlegm and soothing qi". Pinellia ternata is a minister medicine, which can reduce adverse reactions and dissipate phlegm, eliminate rashes and disperse knots, and stop vomiting. With Magnolia officinalis to relieve asthma; Qianhu bitterness can relieve Qi and expectoration, Xinneng Xuanfei to disperse wind and wind, and slight cold can clear heat. It is commonly used to relieve wind and heat and expectorate phlegm and cough. If the lung has depressing heat, Lung Qi can not descend, phlegm and asthma can be used. This prescription is the evidence of the deficiency of the upper substance and the lower substance. The above medicines strive to attack the upper substance. Chenpi regulates Qi and stomach, invigorates spleen and removes dampness and phlegm; aloes are spicy, bitter, warm, fragrant and pungent, warm and expel cold, sediment in weight, relieve pain in function, stop vomiting warmly, warm kidney and absorb qi. Materia Medica Tongxuan calls it "warm but not dry, do not drain, support spleen and run tirelessly, reach the source of kidney and fire, and have the function of reducing adversity, but not break through." The harm of Qi"is the best product of Qi. It is suitable for such diseases as cold air attack, chest and abdomen pain, vomiting and hiccup, kidney asthma and so on. Licorice moistens the lung and relieves cough, and harmonizes various medicines to make medicine.
【Pharmacological action】
_Antitussive effect: Oral administration prolonged the latency of SO2-induced cough in mice, prolonged the latency of sodium citrate-induced cough in guinea pigs, and reduced the number of coughs.
_Antiasthmatic effect: administration of histamine prolonged the latency of induced asthma in guinea pigs and relaxed the isolated trachea of guinea pigs spasmodically induced by histamine phosphate.
【Clinical application】
This product has the function of reducing Qi and phlegm. It is mainly used for chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, pleurisy and so on.
【Modern Research】


Modern studies have shown that this product has obvious antiasthmatic effects, such as prolonging the latent period of induced asthma in guinea pigs and increasing the pulmonary perfusion volume. It can obviously antagonize the decrease of pulmonary flow caused by acetylcholine in isolated guinea pigs, relax tracheal smooth muscle, have obvious relaxing effect on isolated tracheal smooth muscle of guinea pigs, and can also antagonize acetylcholine and tissue. Amine induced contraction of tracheal smooth muscle. In addition, it has antitussive, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic effects.


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