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Compound Apocynum Granules

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【Name of drug】   Compound Apocynum Granules 【Types】   Pinggan Qianyang
【Approval number】

  The quasi-character of Chinese medicine Z20044529

  (Sugar Block)

  The quasi-character of Chinese medicine Z20044529
  (sugar-free, granular)
【Drug types】   Chinese patent medicine
【Ingredients】   Apocynum leaves, chrysanthemum, hawthor

  This product is light yellow brown granules, fragrant, sweet and slightly acidic.

  This product is light yellow brown granules, fragrant, slightly sour taste.
【Functional Governance】   Clearing heat, calming liver and calming mind. For dizziness, palpitation and insomnia caused by hypertension and neurasthenia.
【usage and dosage】   Flush with boiling water, 1-2 bags each time, twice a day.
【Specifications】   15g in each bag and 6G in each bag (sugar-free type) 【Formulation】   Granule

  Medicinal composite film, 15g *6 bags/boxes,

  6g *12 bags/boxes.

【Loading capacity per piece】

  140 boxes/pieces;

  150 boxes/pieces.

【Reference price】  
【Product Information】

  Chinese patent medicine with high quality and good price


Apocynum venetum tastes sweet, bitter, slightly cold, returns to liver and heart meridian, functions to calm liver yang, clear heat and diuresis, which is the monarch medicine of this prescription; chrysanthemum tastes sweet, bitter, slightly cold, returns to lung, liver and kidney meridian, eliminates wind and heat evil, calms and suppresses liver yang, clears liver and eyesight, cures diseases caused by wind heat and liver fire, and calms liver yang, cures liver Yang hyperactivity, which is the official medicine; Hawthorn has the functions of invigorating spleen, opening stomach, strengthening digestion and energy. Removing Qi and removing blood stasis is an adjuvant. Chrysanthemum, Apocynum venetum leaves clear heat and calm liver and purge fire, can reduce blood pressure and intracranial pressure; Hawthorn, Apocynum venetum leaves calm liver and strengthen stomach, long-term use can reduce blood lipid and blood pressure. It is suitable for dizziness, palpitation and insomnia caused by hypertension and neurasthenia.
【Pharmacological action】
1. Regulation of blood pressure: This product directly dilates blood vessels and has a lasting hypotensive effect. It has no effect on normal blood pressure.
2. Antidepressant effect: It has been found that the concentration of norepinephrine (NE) and dopamine (DA) in the brain declined after 2 weeks of administration, while the concentration of serotonin (5-HT) remained unchanged after 8 weeks. 5-HT is one of the central neurotransmitters. Recent studies have shown that 5-HT is closely related to schizophrenia, and its changes are the basis of depression and mania. Most scholars believe that depression is caused by the deficiency of monoamine transmitters NE and 5-HT in the brain.
3. Hepatoprotective effect: It has protective effect on liver injury induced by carbon tetrachloride or D-galactosamine or lipopolysaccharide in mice, and can restore liver function and tissue damage; it has therapeutic effect on experimental liver function induced by carbon tetrachloride, and can decrease ALT and AST, alleviate tissue damage and restore liver function to normal.
4. Anti-diabetic angiopathy (sugar-free): Diabetic angiopathy (DA) is the main cause of disability and death in diabetic patients. Irreversible glycation end products (AGEs) formed by the reaction of glucose and structural protein are the main substances leading to DA. Experiments show that Compound Apocynum venetum granules can significantly inhibit the formation of AGEs and effectively slow down DA.
5. Hypolipidemic and anti-atherosclerosis effect: This product can significantly reduce the amount of low density lipoprotein and free cholesterol in plasma of high-fat rats, increase the amount of high density lipoprotein, improve the atherosclerosis index, and reduce the amount of total cholesterol, and improve the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
6. Antioxidant effect: It has strong scavenging effect on oxygen free radicals. It can prevent free radicals from destroying the structure of biofilm and has the effect of delaying senility.
【Clinical application】
(1) Hypertension
(2) Vertigo, insomnia, palpitation and edema caused by neurasthenia
(3) Chronic bronchitis
(4) Hyperlipoproteinemia
(5) Congestive heart failure


(6) Headache due to hyperactivity of liver-yang
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