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Red Ginseng Ointment 2691

product details

Product NameRed Ginseng Ointment 2691      

【Quality Guarantee Period】24 months

【Product Category】SC

【Storage Conditions】Keep in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight.

【Product Specification】30g * 8 / box

【Product Brief】
"Shenzang Changbai Mountain 2691" is a single red ginseng paste refined with red ginseng. It uses 5-year-old high-quality red ginseng, carefully selected, tastes sweet and bitter, has a mild temperature of sex; enters the spleen, lungs and heart meridians. It retains the physiological activity of Radix Ginseng and has the functions of invigorating vital energy, invigorating qi and absorbing blood, and restoring pulse and gutuo. It can be eaten directly with honey or other sweeteners.

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