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Fresh ginseng

product details


【Name】 Fresh-keeping ginseng

【Warranty Period】 18 months

【Product Category】 Local Products

【Storage conditions】 Keep in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight.

【Product Specification】 Level 1 (140-160g), Level 2 (120-140 g), Level 3 (100-120 g), Level 4 (80-100 g), Level 5 (40-60 g) and Level 6 (below 50g)

【Box gauge】 20 boxes/boxes

【Product Profile】

Fresh purple ginseng was selected from fresh ginseng in Changbai Mountain. Fresh wine was preserved with pure grain wine, and the natural essence of ginseng was completely preserved. In addition to nourishing and strengthening the body, improving physical and mental work ability, reducing fatigue, regulating the role of the central nervous system, more ginseng is sweet and delicious, is indeed a good health product. The whole fresh ginseng is put into a bottle and soaked in 50-60 degree liquor for 15 days. Drinking a small cup of ginseng every day can strengthen the body and prolong the life; Washing and slicing ginseng into 50% glycerol, then rubbing face with this glycerol twice a day in 10 days; Frying ginseng into juice, pouring a little into the face-washing water every day, and washing face with ginseng-containing water every day. 1-2 times a day.

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