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Panax ginseng

product details


【Name】 All raw and sun-dried ginseng (exquisite)

【Warranty Period】 3 years

【Product Category】 Local Products

【Storage conditions】 Keep in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight.

【Product Specification】 More than 50g

【Product Profile】

Zixin must select fresh ginseng of Changbai Mountain by raw sunshine. It is made of fresh ginseng by washing and sunshine, and keeps the prototype of ginseng in shape. It has the functions of invigorating vital energy, nourishing heart and tranquilizing mind, nourishing body fluid, enhancing resistance, resisting fatigue, resisting aging and regulating sub-health. It can be used as a whole stew, powder, slice, or nourishing supplement. It should not be taken more than 3 grams a day.

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