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Molded red ginseng

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【Name】Molded red ginseng

【Warranty Period】10 years

【Raw Material】 High Quality Red Ginseng

【Storage conditions】 Keep in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight.

【Method of eating】 Stewed red ginseng, polished ginseng, sliced and chewed, no more than 3 grams per day.

【Product Specification】75 grams of 40 branches 2 class / 150 grams of 40 branches 1 class / 50 branches 1 class / 300 grams of 20 branches 2 class / 30 branches 2 class / 600 grams of 40 heads 1 class / 50 branches 1 class

High Nutrition 100% High Quality Red Ginseng

Retain the physiological activity of Red Ginseng in an all-round way. The content of ginsenosides is high. The content of rare ginsenosides is several times or even tens of times higher than that of traditional Red Ginseng.

High Value Specific Red Ginseng

Controlling the cooking temperature and time of ginseng can keep it intact. The ginseng has medicinal value, strong anti-cancer and anti-oxidation effect.

All raw materials of ginseng are guaranteed to come from Changbai Mountain, a "ginseng golden growing area".

Ensure strict screening criteria and select top quality Changbaishan ginseng.

Guarantee 100% non-added, sugar-free, drier.

Guarantee three times holding pressure, high temperature fumigation, medium temperature drying, 10 years super long storage period.

Ensure 360 degree aseptic operation during processing

100% high quality red ginseng with high content of physiological active saponins.

High efficacy of specific red ginseng, ginseng cooking temperature and time complete.

Retaining the medicinal value of ginseng has strong anti-cancer and anti-oxidation effects.

The Origin of Honorable Official Court and the Accumulation of Millennium Ancient Laws

"Ninggu Pagoda Chronicle" pointed out: "Ginseng in August and September is the best, the living color is white. Steamed with red and bright, its spiritual foot, for the first class.

Zixin Mouyu Red Ginseng is a high-quality red ginseng material, which is pressed by plastic and softening technology to taste sweet and bitter, and has a slight temperature of sex. The physiological activities of red ginseng are fully preserved in the spleen, lung and heart meridians, and it has the functions of invigorating vital energy, invigorating vital energy and absorbing blood, restoring vital energy and solidifying detachment. It is used for body deficiency and desire, limb cold pulse, Qi does not absorb blood from collapse and leakage.

The iron box packing is made of fine sand tinplate with high quality. It is compressive, strong and does not fall off. It is made of round easy pulling ring. It is clean and has better hygienic sealing effect. The original ecological solid wood of this box can be directly contacted with food after pollution-free sterilization. Strict screening criteria, remove roughness and retain refinement. Sugar-free, drier and easier to preserve. It can be taken as a whole stew, grinding powder, sliced chewing, or as a nutritious supplement. It should not be taken more than 3 grams a day.

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