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Zixin Red Fresh Ginseng Honey Tablets

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【Name】 Zixin Red Fresh Ginseng Honey Film (Iron Box)

【Warranty Period】 24 months

【Product Category】 SC

【Storage conditions】 Keep in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight.

【Product Specification】 200g/box 10 boxes/boxes

【Product Profile】

Zixin Red Fresh Ginseng Honey Tablets are selected from Changbaishan fresh ginseng. It is refined by 18 processes. It is 100% pure green without adding. It contains 68 kinds of nutrients, such as ginsenosides, ginseng polysaccharides, ginseng protein, amino acids and vitamins. Eliminate sub-health, instant nourishment, instant beauty; have anti-aging, alleviate fatigue, enhance immunity and other health care functions, mellow taste; independent packaging, easy to carry; ready-to-eat bags, is the best daily health care products, suitable for long-term health care to take health care, make up but not dry; select the best products, the first choice Zixin.

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