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Ginseng Fruit and Vegetable Fermented Beverage

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【Name】 Ginseng Fruit and Vegetable Fermented Beverage

【Ingredients】 Water, sun-dried ginseng, cabbage, turnip, eggplant, tomato, cucumber, pumpkin, horn melon, onion, watermelon, pear, apple, leek, celery, orange, banana, potato, carrot,

Yam, rape, rape, rape, spinach, sugar, fructose syrup, sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, tween 80, xanthan gum, vitamin C.

【Net Content/Specification】 1*14*20ml

【Method of eating】 Drink in time after opening the lid. The maximum daily amount of drinking is not more than 200 ml.

Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

【Production Address】 New Industrial Centralized Area of Yanbian Prefecture, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province

Jilin Provincial Job Association

【Origin】 Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province

【Contact number】 0433-2426018

【Fax】 0433-2426018

Sales Telephone 0431-81928000

Free Counseling Telephone 400-7002-118


18 months

【Storage conditions】 Sealed, cool and dry place, strictly prevent heating or sunshine exposure.

【Notes】 Pregnant women, lactating women and children under 14 are not suitable for consumption.

【License Number】 QS2200 0601 0182

【Product Standard Code】 Q/ZXCY0002S

1. Ginseng Enzyme

Zixin Ginseng Enzyme is refined from ginseng and more than 20 kinds of fruits and vegetables by microecology, enzymatic hydrolysis and hydrolysis and exogenous addition. It contains thousands of nutrient elements. It can not only fully supplement the human metabolism and the "enzymes" required by cell activities, but also provide the necessary vitamins and trace elements which can not be produced by human body, and promote the synthesis of basic substances of life. And through deep fermentation to promote absorption, the utilization rate of active ingredients increased more than ten times.

2. Product characteristics

Ginseng originated from "King of Hundred Grasses";

A variety of fruit and vegetable extracts are extracted.

Deep fermentation, one-time to meet a variety of human needs;

Pure natural, no additions, multiple health effects.

3. Product efficacy:

【Cleaning the intestines and stomach, promoting metabolism】

Promote the decomposition, digestion and absorption of food, discharge all kinds of harmful substances after decomposition, establish a benign intestinal circulation, improve gastrointestinal function and normal metabolism.

【Purify blood, improve internal environment】

Fully decompose vessel wall dirt, remove blood waste and excess cholesterol, toxins, etc., to transport clean and healthy blood to the whole body, improve the internal environment.

【Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-alcoholic and liver protection】

Ginseng is a natural antimicrobial substance. Ginseng enzymes can eliminate bacteria and improve self-healing ability. Supplementary enzymes can accelerate alcohol decomposition and protect liver cells from damage.

【Activating cells, activating properties】

Activate cell activity, promote the repair and regeneration of injured cells, rebuild healthy new cells, stimulate the production of autoenzymes, make people from head to limbs, viscera and viscera are full of vitality, delay aging.

4. Applicable population:

People who want to improve their physique, improve their health and restore their health.

People with poor immunity and weak constitution;

People who have been drinking heavily for a long time.

People who are under too much pressure and easily fatigued;

People with diarrhea, constipation and gastrointestinal disorders;

People with endocrine disorders and obesity;

People suffering from various chronic diseases;

People who need to replenish qi and blood and fight against aging.

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