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Changbai Mountain Ginseng unveiled at the International Agricultural Fair

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On August 11, the 16th China Changchun International Agriculture and Food Expo Fair was held. The Changbai Mountain ginseng in Jilin Province became the most shining star brand at the exhibition and was loved by visitors.


At the Agricultural Fair, nearly 100 kinds of Changbai Mountain ginseng products were unveiled in the exhibition area, and ginseng lozenges, ginseng drinks, ginseng sugar and other products attracted many visitors. Since the implementation of the revitalization of the ginseng industrial project in 2010, Jilin Province has successively issued a number of policy measures, such as the Measures for the Management of Ginseng in Jilin Province, the Opinions of the Jilin Provincial People's Government on Accelerating the Development of the Ginseng Industry, and the Regulations on the Ginseng Industry of Jilin Province. Management, financial support, product research and other aspects to accelerate the revitalization of ginseng industry, especially the implementation of brand exclusive operation strategy for Changbai Mountain ginseng, the new logo design, packaging design, unified store image design, embarked on the road of modern brand operation.


The ginseng industry in Jilin Province is showing a trend of scientific regulation of production scale, comprehensive improvement of standardized planting levels, and orderly integration of brands. This agricultural fair has become an important window to showcase the development of ginseng industry in Jilin Province.


During the Agricultural Fair, agricultural economic and trade exchange activities became an important part. The 2017 Intelligent Agriculture International Academic Conference and the 3rd Changbai Mountain Ginseng Food Competition were held one after another.