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Xi Jinping: Putting people's health in a strategic position of priority development

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 20th The National Health and Wellness Conference was held in Beijing from 19th to 20th. General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. He stressed that without the health of the whole people, there would be no comprehensive well-being. We must put people's health in a strategic position of priority development, focus on popularizing healthy living, optimizing health services, improving health care, building a healthy environment, and developing a healthy industry, accelerating the construction of a healthy China, and striving to protect people's health in an all-round and full-cycle manner. To lay a solid and healthy foundation for realizing the "two hundred years" struggle goal and realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, addressed the meeting. Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng, Liu Yunshan, Wang Qishan and Zhang Gaoli, members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, attended the meeting.


In his speech, Xi Jinping emphasized that health is an inevitable requirement for promoting the all-round development of human beings, a basic condition for economic and social development, an important symbol of national prosperity and national prosperity, and a common pursuit of the broad masses of the people. Since the establishment of our party, we have closely linked the protection of people's health with the cause of national independence and people's liberation. Since the reform and opening up, China's health and health undertakings have accelerated, the medical and health service system has been continuously improved, the basic public health services have been steadily improved, and the overall public health and disease prevention and control capabilities have reached a large level. After long-term efforts, we not only significantly improved the people's health, but also opened up a path of health and healthy development in line with China's national conditions.


threats and major natural disasters. The vast number of health and health workers are not afraid of danger, have no resentment, go forward, and save themselves, winning the praise of the whole society. On behalf of the Party Central Committee, Xi Jinping extended high respects and heartfelt thanks to the broad-based cadres and workers and medical workers who have fought long-term on the health and health front.


Xi Jinping emphasized that at present, due to industrialization, urbanization, and aging population, due to the changing disease spectrum, ecological environment and lifestyle, China still faces the complex situation that multiple diseases threaten coexist and multiple health influence factors are intertwined. The health and health problems faced by developed countries also face the health and health problems facing developing countries. If these problems cannot be effectively resolved, it will inevitably seriously affect people's health, restrict economic development, and affect social harmony and stability.


Xi Jinping pointed out that in the process of promoting the construction of a healthy China, we must adhere to the path of health and healthy development with Chinese characteristics and grasp some major issues. It is necessary to adhere to the correct health and health work guidelines, focusing on the grassroots level, taking reform and innovation as the driving force, taking prevention as the mainstay, paying equal attention to both Chinese and Western medicine, integrating health into all policies, and building and sharing the people. It is necessary to adhere to the public welfare of basic medical and health undertakings, constantly improve the system, expand services, improve quality, and enable the broad masses of the people to enjoy fair, accessible, systematic and continuous health services such as prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and health promotion. We must persist in improving the quality and level of medical and health services so that all people can get it fairly. It is necessary to adhere to the correct handling of government and market relations, and the government must do something in the field of basic medical and health services, and the market should be active in the field of non-basic medical and health services.


Xi Jinping stressed that it is necessary to unswervingly implement the principle of prevention, adhere to the combination of prevention and control, joint prevention and control, and group prevention and control, and strive to provide the people with a whole life cycle of health and health services. It is necessary to pay attention to the prevention and control of major diseases, optimize prevention strategies, and minimize the number of people suffering from diseases. It is necessary to pay attention to the health of children and adolescents, comprehensively strengthen the health and health work of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, strengthen the publicity of health knowledge, improve students' awareness of active disease prevention, and implement targeted nutrition meals or nutrition packages for students in poverty-stricken areas to ensure growth and development. It is necessary to pay attention to the health of key populations, ensure the health of women and children, provide continuous health management services and medical services for the elderly, strive to achieve the goal of “rehabilitation services for all”, pay attention to the health problems of the floating population, and implement the health poverty alleviation project in depth. We must promote a healthy and civilized lifestyle, establish a concept of great health and great health, and turn the treatment centered on the people's health as the center, establish a sound health education system, improve the health of the whole nation, and promote the deep integration of fitness for all and the health of the whole people. . It is necessary to increase the basic research on mental health issues, do a good job in mental health knowledge and psychological science, and standardize the development of mental health services such as psychotherapy and psychological counseling.


Xi Jinping pointed out that a good ecological environment is the basis for human survival and health. In accordance with the concept of green development, we must implement the most stringent ecological environmental protection system, establish and improve environmental and health monitoring, investigation, and risk assessment systems, focus on prevention and control of air, soil, and water pollution, accelerate the development of national land, and effectively solve the impact on the people. Health highlights environmental issues. It is necessary to inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of the patriotic health movement, continue to carry out urban and rural environmental sanitation and clean-up actions, increase the governance of rural human settlements, and build healthy, livable and beautiful homes. It is necessary to implement the Food Safety Law, improve the food safety system, strengthen food safety supervision, and strictly control every line of defense from farm to table. It is necessary to firmly establish the concept of safe development, improve the public safety system, and strive to reduce the threat to public health caused by public security incidents.


Xi Jinping emphasized that at present, the reform of the medical and health system has entered the deep-water area, and it has reached a period of hard work. We must speed up the task of reforming the medical and health system as determined by the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. Efforts should be made to promote the construction of basic medical and health systems, and strive to make breakthroughs in the construction of five basic medical and health systems in the classification and treatment system, the modern hospital management system, the universal medical insurance system, the drug supply security system, and the comprehensive supervision system. Efforts should be made to promote the development of Chinese medicine, adhere to the emphasis on both Chinese and Western medicine, promote the complementary and coordinated development of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, and strive to achieve creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese medicine health and wellness culture. We must focus on the enthusiasm of the majority of medical staff, starting with aspects such as improving remuneration packages, development space, practicing environment, and social status, caring for the physical and mental health of medical staff, and enhancing the professional honor of medical staff through various forms to create a socially respected medical profession. Good atmosphere. The majority of health and health workers in China must carry forward and practice the core values ​​of socialism, strengthen the construction of medical ethics and industry self-discipline, and provide the best health and health services for the people. We must strictly crack down on violent crimes involving medical crimes, especially those that harm medical personnel, and protect the safety of medical personnel.


Xi Jinping pointed out that promoting the building of a healthy China is a solemn commitment of our party to the people. Party committees and governments at all levels must put this major public welfare project on an important agenda, strengthen their responsibility, and vigorously promote implementation. It is necessary to incorporate the reform of the medical and health system into the comprehensive deepening reform with the same deployment, the same requirements, and the same assessment, and support local local conditions and differentiated exploration. It is necessary to comprehensively establish a health impact assessment and evaluation system, systematically assess the impact of various economic and social development plans and policies, and major engineering projects on health. It is necessary to improve the construction of the population health information service system and promote the application of health care big data.


Xi Jinping emphasized that for a long time, China has made important progress in fulfilling its international obligations and participating in global health governance, and comprehensively demonstrated the image of China's international humanitarian and responsible big country, and the international community has also widely praised it. We must actively participate in the research and negotiation of international standards and norms in health-related fields, improve the emergency foreign aid work mechanism for China's participation in international public emergency and public health emergency response, and strengthen cooperation with the national health and health fields along the “Belt and Road” construction. 


In his speech, Li Keqiang pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech has profoundly elaborated on major tasks such as building a healthy China from a strategic and overall level. It has great guiding significance and all departments and departments in all regions must conscientiously implement it. Promoting the reform and development of health and health undertakings and building a healthy China are major strategic tasks related to the overall situation of modernization. It is necessary to take preventive health care for the factors affecting health and create a good environment for the protection of people's health. We must focus on filling shortcomings, and bring more health and health resources to rural areas and poverty-stricken areas, and increase support for major illness insurance and medical assistance in poverty-stricken areas.


Li Keqiang stressed that it is necessary to push medical reform into the depths with the goal of fairness and benefit to the masses. We will improve the basic medical insurance system for all people and gradually realize the provincial-level coordination of medical insurance. Reform medical insurance payment methods to reduce excessive medical treatment such as “big prescriptions” and “big inspections”. It takes two years to realize direct settlement of medical treatment in different places, reducing the "running legs" and "paying" of the masses. Accelerate the reform of public hospitals, break the mechanism of “medical supplementation”, and adhere to the public welfare of basic medical and health services. Accelerate the construction of a graded diagnosis and treatment system and improve the level of primary medical services. Reform the salary distribution mechanism and mobilize the enthusiasm of medical staff. Guide social forces to increase the supply of medical and health resources, relax market access, talent flow and restrictions on the purchase of large-scale instruments and equipment, and strengthen the supervision of medical service behavior. Deepen the reform of the drug supply security system, improve the quality of drug production, and establish a complete traceability system for drug information. Compress the circulation and reduce costs. Implement traditional Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation projects, promote the modernization of Chinese medicine production, and build Chinese standards and Chinese brands.


Li Keqiang demanded that the health industry should be guided and supported to accelerate development. In particular, it should promote five integrations with pension, tourism, internet, fitness and leisure, and food, and vigorously promote the construction of telemedicine service systems for grassroots, remote and underdeveloped regions, and promote public sports. Facilities are open to the public. It is necessary to increase support for the frontier research field of medical health, eliminate institutional and institutional barriers, and promote more healthy new industries, new formats, and new models. Expand the opening up of the health sector. Study and formulate land and tax preferential policies that are conducive to the development of health industry. The central and local governments should improve the stable and sustainable health and health investment mechanism, guide financial institutions to increase financing support such as credit and bonds, and strive to cultivate the health industry into a national economy. The important pillar industry.


Liu Yandong, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, pointed out in his concluding remarks that all relevant departments of various regions and regions should conscientiously study and implement the important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of the conference, firmly grasp the health and health work guidelines, and establish "great health". The concept, deepen reform, strengthen security, promote medical, medical insurance, medical and medical linkages, organic connection between health business and health industry, deep integration of national fitness and national health, integrate health policy into the overall situation, health services throughout the whole process, health benefits and benefit the whole people. Party committees and governments at all levels must strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, and make unremitting efforts for building a healthy China.


Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Sanming City, Fujian Province, Chongqing Wansheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Qinghai Province Mutual County People's Hospital responsible comrades made a speech.


Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Central Secretariat, relevant leading comrades of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, State Councilor, President of the Supreme People's Court, Procurator-General of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, and relevant leaders of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference attended the meeting.


All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities with separate plans, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, relevant departments of the central and state organs, relevant people's organizations, relevant departments of the Central Military Commission, responsible comrades of armed police forces and representatives of experts and scholars attended the meeting.