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Jilin Province speeds up the development of Chinese medicine development regulations

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Recently, the Jilin Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine System held the promotion meeting of the province's Chinese medicine system. At the meeting, Qiu Deliang, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, clearly requested that the whole system should further promote the promotion and implementation of the Chinese medicine law. The special training class will guide Chinese medicine practitioners to grasp the spirit and connotation of Chinese medicine law, strengthen the rule of law thinking, enhance the rule of law, form a good legal concept, and promote the development of Chinese medicine in the province according to law. It is necessary to promote the local legislative process, establish an organizational structure, clarify the timetable, and speed up the formulation of the Regulations on the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jilin Province in accordance with the road map.


The meeting pointed out that Jilin Province will actively promote the deepening of medical reform, promote the construction of TCM medical complex, innovate the organizational management model, improve the operational mechanism and incentive mechanism, and focus on building services, responsibilities, interests and management communities, and gradually realize the homogenization of medical services. Management and development mode shifts from treating the disease to focusing on health, promoting the sinking of high-quality medical resources and mutual assistance and mutual benefit of medical institutions. We will carry out family doctor contracting services and explore a family doctor (team) service model with Chinese medicine practitioners as the core.


Jilin Province will continue to enhance the ability of TCM medical services, broaden the scope of TCM services, vigorously develop TCM health and health services, and develop health products and cultural products with Jilin characteristics. Actively develop new forms of health care for Chinese medicine and health tourism, expand service areas, focus on the integration of Chinese medicine and health care, and promote health tourism, promote the industrialization of Chinese medicine, health tourism, industrialization, specialization and professional development. At the same time, strengthen the pilot work of the construction of healthy cities for traditional Chinese medicine services in Gongzhuling, Tonghua County and Gan'an County, and form a pilot model to summarize and promote the experience. Do a good job in the comprehensive reform pilot zone of Chinese medicine, and give full play to the characteristics and advantages of Chinese medicine in service health.