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Chinese medicine health tourism enters the life of Chinese people

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In the last monitoring cycle (September 2-8), “the first batch of National TCM Health Tourism Demonstration Zones announced” became a hot spot for public opinion. Monitoring shows that the WeChat platform has released a total of 9372 Chinese-related graphic messages, with a total reading volume of more than 17.24 million. The Weibo platform pushed a total of 25,839 pieces of information. The top ten news of reprinting heat is as follows:


Key event analysis:


With the development of social economy, the quality of life of the people has been continuously improved, and at the same time more and more attention has been paid to the health of the body and mind. As Vice Premier Liu Yandong said, health is the foundation of the people's happiness and social development, and is the common pursuit of the people of the country for a better life. The construction of the National TCM Health Tourism Demonstration Zone has far-reaching influence on promoting the deep integration of TCM health service industry and tourism, giving full play to the health advantages of TCM and human beings, and forming a large health industry.


In modern society, human beings need to face the dual pressures of work and life, and they also need to withstand the health problems brought about by environmental pollution and ecological imbalances. The birth of the "tourism + health care" model is undoubtedly one of the best ways to regulate the health of people. On September 5, the National Tourism Administration and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine announced the list of the first batch of establishments of the National TCM Health Tourism Demonstration Zone, and 15 units including Dongcheng District of Beijing were on the list. The new concept and new model of "Traditional Chinese Medicine + Tourism" have been praised by the media and netizens, and Chinese medicine and health tourism have entered the lives of Chinese people.


From the perspective of the Chinese medicine industry, this is conducive to the spread of Chinese medicine culture and the expansion of Chinese medicine services. The selected TCM health tourism demonstration zones are rich in traditional Chinese medicine resources and tourism resources, and also have a long and long-lasting health culture. By promoting the development of these areas, it is possible to better promote the overall development of Chinese medicine.


From the perspective of tourism, advocating healthy tourism featuring Chinese medicine will help to enhance China's position in international medical health tourism. Medical tourism is a new type of tourism that integrates tourism and health services. Compared with South Korea, Thailand, Japan, etc., China started late in medical tourism. With the rapid development of international health tourism, the improvement of China's international status and the expansion of the international influence of Chinese medicine, health tourism combined with traditional Chinese medicine will receive much attention. Sanya Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital is the earliest medical tourism in Hainan Province. It has received tourists from Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and other countries. It has become a new business card for Hainan in the eyes of foreign tourists.


From the perspective of building a healthy China, the creation of a traditional Chinese medicine health tourism demonstration zone is not only conducive to meeting people's needs for healthy diversity, but also conducive to the early realization of healthy China goals. "The Outline of the "Healthy China 2030" Plan" proposes to develop a healthy industry, strengthen supply-side structural reforms, support the development of new health services such as health care tourism, actively develop the fitness and leisure sports industry, enhance the development level of the pharmaceutical industry, and continuously satisfy the masses. Increased multi-level diversified health needs. TCM health tourism is rich in content and diverse in service forms, such as understanding Chinese medicine culture, viewing traditional Chinese medicine landscape, participating in Chinese medicine activities, etc., to meet people's different needs for health, and to promote local economic development. “Chinese Medicine + Tourism” has achieved many health and economic benefits.


With the transformation of the Chinese people's health concept and the booming tourism industry, the Chinese medicine health tourism industry that combines health care and tourism will have broad market space and development prospects. Although the policy is good, it still needs to see the implementation. Only when the policy content truly becomes the work goal of all levels of management, and the direction of all sectors of the society, the blueprint for policy can become a reality. Under the background of building a healthy China, Chinese medicine has given unprecedented attention to human health. We have reason to believe that Chinese medicine health tourism will enter a better era and will become a way of life for us.