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Wang Guoqiang: Tree Legislation and Thinking

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The China Traditional Chinese Medicine Development Conference has been successfully held for 6 sessions. With the aim of “strategy, reform and development”, it focuses on the major issues of the development strategy of Chinese medicine, aiming at rallying the wisdom consensus, inspiring the spirit of reform and innovation, and proposing solutions and strategies. A platform for making plans, exchanges and mutual understanding, and building consensus has played an active role in serving the overall situation of the center and promoting the development of Chinese medicine. This year's conference focused on the "Implementation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Law and the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Accordance with Law". It is very important to promote the implementation of Chinese medicine law and promote the development of Chinese medicine. significance.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has promoted the development of Chinese medicine to the national strategic level and has been planning to promote it as an important part of the construction of a healthy China. From the promulgation and implementation of the Chinese Medicine Law to the establishment of the State Council Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The joint conference system; from the issuance of the strategic plan for the development of Chinese medicine, to the deployment of Chinese medicine in the "Health China 2030" Outline, etc., has carried out a series of innovative, pioneering and long-term Work, the status of Chinese medicine in the overall economic and social situation is more prominent.

Under the great attention and high level of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, Chinese medicine has taken a historic and global change in its realization of practice, and has taken solid steps to revitalize its development, continuously improve its service system, significantly improve its service capabilities, and develop its health industry rapidly. The vitality and potential of the “five kinds of resources” have been continuously stimulated and released, and the pattern of coordinated development of the “six-in-one” has basically taken shape. The unique role in the construction of healthy China has been better played, and the people’s sense of gaining access to the development of Chinese medicine has been increasing. The five years since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is an extraordinary five years of development of Chinese medicine and a five-year rapid development of Chinese medicine on the fast track.

In this extraordinary five years, the promulgation and implementation of the Chinese Medicine Law is undoubtedly the most important sign. The Chinese Medicine Law has outlined the principles and policies of the party and the state in developing Chinese medicine from the legal level. It has promoted the protection and promotion of the development of Chinese medicine to the will of the state, and clearly defined the duties of the governments at all levels in safeguarding the development of Chinese medicine as legal responsibility. The deep practice of General Secretary Xi Jinping's development of new ideas and new requirements for Chinese medicine fully reflects the party's willingness to advocate the will of the state. The Chinese Medicine Law is based on providing fair, accessible and satisfactory Chinese medicine services to the people, strengthening system construction, standardizing service behavior, guaranteeing service quality, innovating service management, and exerting the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine to explore the use of Chinese-style methods. To solve the world-wide problem of medical reform, it is of great significance to build a basic medical and health system with Chinese characteristics, to maintain and enhance the health of the people, and fully embody the development concept of people-centered.

The Chinese Medicine Law emphasizes that Chinese medicine is a medical system with a long history and unique theories and technical methods. The development of Chinese medicine must follow the laws governing the development of traditional Chinese medicine, adhere to the combination of inheritance and innovation, maintain and give full play to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, and build a conformity with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. The management system fully reflects the development law that follows the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese Medicine Law focuses on institutional and institutional innovation, from the construction of TCM medical service system to the development of health care services, from the qualification of TCM physicians to practice management, from personnel training to scientific research, protection of traditional knowledge, from Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicines to Chinese herbal medicine preparations. The management of proprietary Chinese medicines, etc., has made a series of major innovative institutional arrangements at the legal level, fully reflecting the reform and innovation of the system.

The Chinese Medicine Law is the fundamental law for the development of Chinese medicine. To implement the Chinese Medicine Law, we must strengthen the publicity and study of the law, and create a good atmosphere in which the society respects the law and understands the law. Promoting universal law is the basis for law enforcement. It is necessary to further increase the propaganda and popularization of the Chinese Medicine Law, not only in the Chinese medicine system, but also in the whole society to form a comprehensive and multi-level publicity pattern. It is necessary to innovate the ideas and methods of propaganda and popularization of traditional Chinese medicine law, enhance the vividness of initiative and interaction, explain the main contents of the Chinese medicine law clearly, and thoroughly explain the major innovation system, so that governments at all levels and relevant personnel can deeply understand the various laws. The regulations stipulate and implement the various systems stipulated by the Chinese Medicine Law into the work practice, so that the masses can fully and accurately understand the Chinese medicine law and create a good rule of law environment that protects and promotes the development of Chinese medicine according to law.

Second, we must increase the implementation of the law and improve the system of Chinese medicine. The vitality of the law lies in its implementation. We must do our utmost to grasp the formulation and implementation of the supporting system, speed up the process of the revision and revision of the regulations on Chinese medicine in various places, and follow the principle of unification of the legal system to establish, reform, abolish and release relevant regulations and systems, and gradually establish a legal system for Chinese medicine. Modernization of the medical governance system.

Third, we must firmly rule the way of thinking and develop Chinese medicine according to law. The law is not enough. To promote the effectiveness of the Chinese medicine law, we need to firmly establish the "legal supremacy" awareness, improve the ability to use the rule of law and the rule of law, and consciously develop the promoters, guardians, and practitioners of Chinese medicine according to law to implement the Chinese medicine law. To unite reform consensus, standardize development behavior, promote career development, and enhance people's well-being.

Nanyang City is the hometown of medical sage. In recent years, the municipal government has made efforts to build Zhang Zhongjing's traditional Chinese medicine culture brand. The medical sacred culture that has been passed down from generation to generation reflects the distinctive characteristics of the times and has created the “human roots” of Nanyang healthy city genes. Zhang Liangli's business card. I hope that you can make full use of the 13th Zhang Zhongjing Medical Culture Festival in Nanyang to experience the characteristic display and vivid practice of the healthy and healthy culture of traditional Chinese medicine in Nanyang City. According to General Secretary Xi Jinping, “To strive to realize the creative transformation and innovation of Chinese medicine health and wellness culture” Important instructions for development, adhere to the ancient use of the present, keep the new, dialectical, abandon the inheritance, extract the essence of Chinese medicine culture, and excavate the cultural connotation of traditional Chinese medicine health and health that are representative and of contemporary value, let those hidden in ancient books The health and wellness wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, which is scattered among the people, is alive and well, "to make it compatible with modern health concepts", to provide more and better Chinese medicine health services for the people, and to make new contributions to safeguarding people's health in all aspects of the whole cycle. .

——Excerpted from the written speech by the deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wang Guoqiang, at the 7th China Traditional Chinese Medicine Development Conference and the 13th Zhang Zhongjing Medical Culture Festival in Nanyang on September 28.