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Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. entered the "National Essential Drugs Catalogue" for products such as sputum tablets

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Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

About products such as sputum tablets entered the National Essential Drugs List

(2012 edition) announcement


The company and all members of the board of directors guarantee that the content of the information disclosure is true, accurate and complete, and there are no false records, misleading statements or major omissions.


On March 15, 2013, the Ministry of Health issued the 2012 edition of the National Essential Drugs List, which was implemented on May 1, 2013. Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") and its subsidiaries have 33 varieties selected for this edition, including Chinese herbal medicines, such as Qidan tablets, Neixiao pills, deafness Zuoci pills, Xiaoyan Lidan tablets. , Yuanhu Zhitong Tablets, Fufang Danshen Tablets, Wuqi Tablets, Fangfengtongsheng Pills, Lianqiao Baidu Pills, Sishen Pills, Xiangsha Yangwei Pills, Chuanxi Tea Tiao Granules, Qiju Dihuang Capsules, Orange Red Pills, Gengnian Tablet, compound berberine tablets, 礞石滚痰丸, Xiaojinwan, Jinqi Shenqi Pill, Xianglian Pill, Xiaohuoluo Pill, Jisheng Shenqi Pill, Xiangsha Liujun Pill, Baohe Pill, Qijiao Pill, Tianwang Buxin Pill, Jiuweiqiu Granule, Hugan Tablet, Banlangen Granule, Shedan Chuanbei Liquid; Metronidazole Tablets for Chemicals and Biological Products, Vitamin B2 Tablets, Cefradine Capsules.

Among them, Qidan tablets is one of the main varieties of the company, and it is now a national Chinese medicine protection variety. The product's sales revenue in the first half of 2012 was RMB 16,666,200. The selection of the National Essential Drugs List will have a positive impact on its sales.

For the 33 varieties selected for the National Essential Drugs List, the company has many years of production history, and has accumulated rich experience in raw materials, technology, quality, production conditions and management. The company's preparation workshop and Chinese medicine pretreatment and extraction workshop 2013 On January 4th, the company passed the new national GMP certification, which also guarantees the production and supply of the above varieties.

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Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Board of Directors

March 20, 2013