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Zixin Pharmaceuticals warmly congratulate the rheumatism APP released in Beijing earthquake

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On April 26, 2018, "With a famous doctor" - ask the rheumatism APP conference to be held in Beijing, and open a new chapter on rheumatism APP.

Ask Rheumatism APP is an authoritative and professional academic exchange platform organized by the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Rheumatology Branch. It is also a platform for doctors and patients to educate patients about disease, prevent health and rehabilitation. Here, doctors can see the most. With cutting-edge and professional medical knowledge, patients can get correct professional guidance and find more convenient and effective ways to seek medical treatment. This is an app for doctors and patients with dual-track platform perpendicular to the rheumatology field of Chinese medicine. Under the leadership of Professor Jiang Quan, the national chairman of the country, 29 provincial rheumatism committee members and team doctors have joined the country. At present, there are more than 5,000 doctors in the rheumatology department and related departments in the country who are concerned about the online registration and ask about the huge population of rheumatism APP. Very authoritative and influential.


The conference was officially held at 9:00 am. After the opening of the shocking promotional film, Dr. Cai Yulei, the person in charge of rheumatism, was introduced to introduce the main body of the APP, responsibility and development goals, and let the experts and representatives of the site Ask the rheumatism for a deeper understanding.


Subsequently, experts from the Chinese medicine rheumatology field from all over the country: Professor Liu Wei, Chairman of the Rheumatology Professional Committee of the Tianjin Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, Professor Li Zhenbin, Chairman of the Rheumatology Professional Committee of the Hebei Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, and the Rheumatology Professional Committee of the Shanghai Chinese Medicine Association Prof. Su Xiao, the chairman of the committee, and Professor Gao Mingli, the honorary chairman of the Rheumatology Professional Committee of the Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, all took the stage to give a wonderful speech. The experts expressed their congratulations on the successful release of the rheumatism APP, and they are not committed to this disease. The professional learning communication platform for education and academic exchange is full of expectations.

As the best strategic partner of APP, Zixin Pharmaceutical is very supportive of the promotion of rheumatism APP. Mr. Xu Daqing, the general manager of Zixin Pharmaceutical, also attended the conference. At the same time, he gave a wonderful speech from the national Internet medical education, education, graded diagnosis and treatment, patient education services, etc. He said that the growth of rheumatism is obvious to all and the prospect is broad. Zixin Pharmaceutical will join hands to ask rheumatism for the majority of rheumatism. The patient brings the gospel and congratulates the success of the rheumatism APP. Mr. Xu Daqing and the experts from the conference jointly witnessed the shocking release of the rheumatism APP.

Professor Jiang Quan, the chairman of the Chinese Traditional Medicine Association's Rheumatology Branch, delivered an important speech. She said: Asking rheumatism will continue to adhere to the principles of inheritance, innovation, development and pragmatism, and continue to carry forward the traditional Chinese quintessence of essence and keep up with the trend of technology. Committed to the improvement of Chinese medicine rheumatism big data to achieve accurate treatment, contributing to the rational allocation of medical resources in China.


Ask Rheumatism APP is a reliable and authoritative professional Chinese medicine rheumatism doctor-patient platform that integrates online rheumatologists, primary doctor education, academic exchanges, and patient science education. It is also a new medium for the development of Chinese medicine culture. As a traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical company, Zixin Pharmaceutical has always adhered to the research and development of modern Chinese medicine and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. Zixin Pharmaceutical is willing to ask the rheumatism APP platform and work with experts to provide services for the development of traditional Chinese medicine rheumatology. Inheriting the development of Chinese medicine culture to the fullest extent, blessings ask the rheumatism APP to be better and better!