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Jilin Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Governor Jing Junhai investigated the construction project of Zixin Pharma

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On May 2, 2018, Jilin Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Governor Jing Junhai visited the new plant construction site of Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to conduct on-the-spot investigation of the progress of the “Three Mornings” project in spring of 2018. Provincial Secretary-General, Director of the General Office, Peng Yonglin, Provincial Science and Technology Department Director Yu Huadong, Provincial Workers' Information Office Director Bai Xugui, Provincial Development and Reform Commission Deputy Director Liu Riqi, Tonghua Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Zhihou, Tonghua Mayor Liu Huawen, Liuhe County Party Secretary Chen Xusheng Liuhe County magistrate Zhuang Yanan participated in the survey. Guo Chunsheng, the actual controller of Zixin Pharmaceutical, Guo Chunlin, the chairman of the board, and Han Ming, the vice president of production, accompanied the investigation.


Guo Chunsheng reported to Jing Junhai and his party on the development of the company, the construction of the new plant and the layout of the company's overseas business. 


The company's new plant covers an area of ​​220,000 square meters with a total investment of 570 million yuan. It is an important construction project related to the company's future development. It has the characteristics of large production capacity, complete production dosage form and advanced equipment and facilities. It is estimated that after the completion of production, the production capacity will be three times that of the current one. Jing Junhai fully affirmed the design and construction of the new production area of ​​the company, put forward specific requirements on accelerating the progress of the project construction, and eagerly asked whether there were problems and difficulties in the project construction process. Guo Chunsheng said that with the care and support of government departments at all levels, the company's new plant project is progressing smoothly. On the basis of ensuring the quality of safe production and construction, the company will strive to complete the project as soon as possible and achieve efficiency. Jing Junhai requires enterprises to pay attention to environmental protection during the project construction process, increase investment in environmental protection, and deeply practice the concept of green development. After the project is completed, it is necessary to ensure that the pollutant discharge meets the national or local standards. Guo Chunsheng said that Zixin Pharmaceutical has always adhered to the road of “environmental priority, green development”. The company's new plant project has advanced sewage treatment system and sufficient sewage treatment capacity to fully meet the demand for emission standards. Jing Junhai expressed satisfaction with the company's measures in terms of green development.


“Good winds rely on strength, and the sails are at the time.” All employees of Zixin Pharmaceutical will take the opportunity of the investigation of the governor as an opportunity to make progress in the construction of the project with the spirit of forging ahead, struggling for success and decisive battle. The company's high quality development and fueling.