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Deputy Governor of Jilin Province Hu Jiafu visited Zixin Prajna Pharmaceutical

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From April 20th to 27th, 2017, 23 provincial leaders split 18 roads to go to the “sand field soldiers” to conduct on-the-spot investigations on the construction of this year's project. The spring project “three early (early landing, early start) Early effect) "Actions come as scheduled.


On April 25, Hu Jiafu, deputy governor of Jilin Province and director of the Provincial Public Security Department, led the provincial government office, the provincial public security department, and the provincial development and reform commission. The relevant person in charge of Jilin City, deputy mayor of Jilin City, Jia Shucheng, director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and Zhang Jinghui, secretary of the Shishi Municipal Party Committee, Accompanied by the group, the mayor went to the construction site of the second phase of the Zixin Prajna Pharmaceutical Project to conduct a “three mornings” action supervision. Han Ming, vice president of production, Xu Dehui, vice president of research and development, and Zhu Yan, general manager of Zixin Prajna Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., accompanied him.


In the process of investigation, Hu Jiafu urged enterprises to speed up the project construction process, win the opportunity and seize the initiative. He learned more about project planning, production time, expected benefits, raw material procurement, and product use. Hu Jiafu pointed out that pharmaceutical enterprises should rely on their own advantages, speed up the construction of basic supporting facilities, and further concentrate their thoughts and energies on the entrepreneurial undertakings, concentrate on the fight for the day and night, and work hard to promote the project construction. If they do not achieve the goal, they will never give up. If you don’t land, you won’t let go. He urged the Panshi Municipal Government to increase the service of key projects, solve the outstanding problems in the project construction, and promote the project to achieve production efficiency as soon as possible.


Zhu Yan, general manager of Zixin Prajna Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. said that he will further clarify responsibilities, implement measures, and take the initiative. In accordance with the time and node, he will persist in striving for stability and take the "three early" action as an opportunity to promote the project to build well and quickly. Do the hard work to win the future, let "Qiu Shi" come to witness "Spring Morning"!