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Yanbian State Party Secretary inspects Zixin High-tech Functional Food Company

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On April 25, 2017, Yanbian State Party Secretary Zhuang Yan, Governor Li Jinghao, Yanbian Prefecture Party and Government leaders and directors of various development zones and more than 50 people, accompanied by Guo Chunlin, Chairman of the Group, visited Zixin Hi-Tech Functional Food Company. guide. The solemn and his party spoke highly of the project progress, project quality, facilities and equipment of the health product production workshop under construction. Chairman Guo Chunlin made a report to the inspection team on the construction of a large health industrial park in his hometown, the willingness to return home, the development of the company, the product structure, and the development plan for the next five years, which was fully affirmed by the leaders. Solemnly praised the company's "production of health foods based on the production conditions of medicines".


Subsequently, Chairman Guo Chunlin reported to the Secretary of Zhuang Yan on the construction and progress of several other landmark projects in the park. The solemn secretary expressed concern and asked about the situation.


After field visits and listening to reports, the solemn secretary pointed out that the health industry is an emerging industry, a strategic industry in the future, and a civilian production industry. The development of a healthy industry is not only related to economic development, but also to the health of the people. The development of a healthy industry not only has the significance of output value, but also has great social functions. It is the work of the people and the peace of mind project. We must make great efforts to grasp, grasp and implement. We must strictly control the quality and produce high-quality health care products for the benefit of the public.


Chairman Guo Chunlin finally stated that Zixin Hi-Tech Functional Food Company should fully rely on the natural resources advantage of Changbai Mountain area to vigorously develop the health care products industry led by ginseng, and become a leading enterprise in the health food industry of Jilin Province in order to enter the fast-growing fast lane. Revitalize the local economy and help the Group develop and strengthen its contribution.