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Accurate Chinese Medicine - The Glorious Development of Zixin Pharmaceutical's 10th Anniversary

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On the morning of March 2, in the office building of Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Zixin Pharmaceutical), everyone started their day's work on time as usual, busy and orderly, ushered in calm. The tenth anniversary of the company's listing.


In the past ten years, the total assets of Zixin Pharmaceutical have increased several times. In the past ten years, Zixin Pharmaceutical has grown into a pillar of the three major industries of proprietary Chinese medicine, ginseng and genetic sequencer, integrating scientific research, production and sales. A high-tech joint-stock enterprise that combines the cultivation of medicinal plants and animals.


Ten years later, both wind and rain, when Zixin Pharmaceutical became the benchmark of the big health industry and stood on the wave of transformation and upgrading again and again, the capital market as a strong backing, always accompanied by the growth of the company.

“The ten years of Zixin Pharmaceutical's listing is at the ten years of China's pharmaceutical industry booming. The pharmaceutical industry has changed from opportunistic competition to strategic victory. In the past, the registration of the capital market has inserted the rising wings of Zixin Pharmaceutical. Build a medical health strategy, a carrier with a proprietary Chinese medicine industry chain, ginseng industrial chain, gene + technology industry chain has set sail. This year's two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang put forward the grand goal of "promoting healthy China construction", "health China's strategy has opened a ten-billion-dollar industry feast. Now, Zixin Pharmaceutical is taking advantage of the capital market to continue to embrace the golden age of rapid development."


On the tenth anniversary of the listing of Zixin Pharmaceutical, Guo Chunlin, chairman of Zixin Pharmaceutical, expressed the relationship between capital and enterprises.

Two fixed increases to enhance capital strength

Into the office of Guo Chunlin, chairman of Zixin Pharmaceutical, a century-old wild ginseng is in the eye. As a pharmaceutical company that grew up in the main producing area of ​​China's ginseng, as one of the few ginseng concept stocks in China's A-shares, Zixin Pharmaceutical has a solution to ginseng.


In 2007, Zixin Pharmaceuticals publicly issued 16.9 million shares of RMB ordinary shares (A shares) to the public for the first time. The issue price was 9.56 yuan/share, and the total amount of funds raised was about 160 million yuan. After the capital increase and share expansion, the registered capital of the company was about 67 million yuan.


The listing of Zixin Pharmaceutical not only broke the “listing shortage” of IPOs (initial public offerings) of Jilin Province enterprises in the A-share market in the past five years, but also filled the gap in the listing of Jilin enterprises in the small and medium-sized board market in Shenzhen.


In 2010, in order to seize the opportunity of Jilin Province to revitalize ginseng industry planning, Zixin Pharmaceuticals strived to change the lack of deep processing of ginseng products in China, the ginseng value was not fully tapped and widely applied, actively develop ginseng industry, and increase investment. Successfully issued 4,97,753,311 new shares and raised about 1 billion yuan for the establishment of four ginseng production and processing bases around the main ginseng production area in Jilin Province. In June of the same year, Jilin Zixin Ginseng Research and Development Co., Ltd. was established to strengthen the research and development of Zixin Pharmaceutical's series of ginseng products including food, cosmetics and health products. Up to now, Zixin Pharmaceutical's ginseng product serialization project has been completed, which greatly enhances the competitiveness of Zixin Pharmaceutical in the ginseng industry, and lays a solid foundation for realizing the grand goal of revitalizing China's ginseng industry.


In 2014, Zixin Pharmaceutical achieved the second stock issuance.

"The second stock issuance has an extraordinary significance for Zixin Pharmaceutical. At that time, China's stock market was in a downturn, and the capital market was more panic." Looking back at the approval link before the private placement in the same year, Guo Chunlin could still feel the pressure at that time: We envisioned a lot of problems, but the jury only raised one for the future development of Zixin Pharmaceutical. For us, in addition to the success of financing, this greater significance shows that the capital market and the regulatory authorities have applied to Zixin Pharmaceutical. Recovery of confidence and full trust.


According to Guo Chunlin, refinancing has realized the effective interaction between capital and enterprise development, laid a solid foundation for the development of Zixin Pharmaceutical, and entered the best period of integration of capital market and entity, which enabled Zixin Pharmaceutical to enter the enterprise development. Fast lane.

Into the genetic sequencing, accurate layout of Chinese medicine


In recent years, "precise medical care" has attracted the global medical and health industry market. At present, the global precision medical market has exceeded 60 billion US dollars. In the next five years, the global precision medical market will grow at a rate of 15% per year, with a domestic growth rate of over 20%. China has included the precision medical plan in the “13th Five-Year Plan” and is expected to invest 60 billion yuan to help develop by 2030. At present, the first in the field of precision medical industry is gene sequencing, which is the basis and entrance of precision medicine.


In fact, for the market opportunity of such gene sequencing, Zixin Pharmaceutical has already begun to lay out in 2013.


In 2013, Zixin Pharmaceutical entered the field of gene sequencers. The sequencer is mainly used for the prevention, control and diagnosis of infectious diseases, bioterrorism factors, food-borne pathogenic factors and genetically modified components, port health and pest defensive quarantine, and diseases caused by human genetic diversity. Early warning and detection and analysis of genes related to individualized drugs.


On August 1, 2016, Beijing Zhongke Zixin Technology Co., Ltd. signed the “sequencer sales contract”, which realized the first sale of the company's genetic sequencer equipment and supporting reagents.


Accurate medical development has a large space for imagination in the future, and it has long been limited not only in the fields of detection, diagnosis and treatment. With the successful entry of Zixin Pharmaceutical into the field of gene sequencers, Guo Chunlin put forward the concept of “precise national medicine” on the basis of “precise medical care”.


"We can use the genetic sequencer to conduct big data screening and know what risks this person will have in the future. This is in line with the treatment of Chinese medicine. We then use Chinese medicine to regulate him to achieve the first disease. The purpose of prevention." Guo Chunlin believes that the complete integration of genetic sequencer and traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment can successfully create "precise national medicine." This is not only an important measure for Zixin Pharmaceutical to use “Gene +” to shape its core competitiveness, but also an innovation and upgrade of Zixin Pharmaceutical itself under the “Healthy China” policy.

Integrate great health, return home

On October 14, 2013, the State Council issued a number of opinions on promoting the development of health service industry. By 2020, the total size of the health service industry will reach 8 trillion yuan; according to the State Council issued on October 25, 2016. "Health China 2030" Planning Outline, by 2030, the total size of the health service industry will reach 16 trillion yuan.


“Strengthen the opportunity and win the future. Zixin Pharmaceutical is in an important strategic opportunity period that can make a big difference. We must firmly grasp and use the opportunity. At the strategic level: Zixin focuses on the development direction of innovation + capital, focusing on the Chinese medicine The “three-in-one” strategy of industrial chain, ginseng industry chain and gene + technology industry chain realizes the big healthy ecological pattern with “scientific and technological innovation” as the core competitiveness. At the brand level: adhere to the implementation of brand development strategy. And quality as the starting point and foothold of all the work of the brand, practice the "quality and purity" brand concept," Guo Chunlin told reporters.


“The development of Zixin Pharmaceutical is inseparable from the policies of Jilin Province's ginseng industry revitalization plan and the strong promotion of government departments at all levels in Jilin Province!” Guo Chunlin revealed: At the end of 2009, Jilin Province intensively introduced relevant policies for the revitalization of ginseng industry. The government made every effort to promote the Jilin ginseng industry to become bigger and stronger. In 2010, Zixin Pharmaceuticals raised funds of about 1 billion yuan in a non-public issuance and timely investment in the ginseng product serialization project and began to enter the ginseng industry. At the end of 2010, Jilin Province officially started the ginseng “medicine and food homology” pilot, the first batch of 25 companies, Zixin Pharmaceutical is the only listed company.


Zixin Pharmaceutical has been grateful for the support of governments at all levels in Jilin Province.


“In 2016, Zixin Pharmaceutical invested billions of dollars in new projects in Jilin Province, which is also a way to return homeland.” Guo Chunlin said: The pharmaceutical industry is in a new era, we are grateful Mind planning for the next decade. Zixin Pharmaceuticals will continue to increase investment and make large-scale. Because he believes that with the favorable policies and the improvement of the economy, the next boom of the Chinese economy is about to come and will surpass the previous one, and the starry sky of the pharmaceutical industry will be even more splendid. ”


The ten-year capital history highlights the vigorous vitality of Zixin Pharmaceutical, and explains Zixin Pharmaceutical's precise judgment on the development of the industry and its mission to the responsibility of private enterprises. The ten-year capital history contains deep thinking of Zixin Pharmaceutical and practices the grandeur of great health development and industrial layout.


"Xiongguan Man Road is really like iron, but now it is a step from the beginning!" After 10 years of capital market, standing at a new historical starting point, Guo Chunlin has his own ideas: We are in the era of change, for enterprises, We must dare to innovate, dare to use new technologies to cope with the new situation and promote new development of enterprises.