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Zixin Pharmaceutical: Using the artisan spirit to make safe medicine

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The staff carefully selected the herbs


Han Ming introduced the production and processing of Zixin Pharmaceuticals

Zu Chunxiang at work


“When product quality and corporate efficiency conflict, the first thing to ensure must be product quality. This is an untouchable bottom line for pharmaceutical companies.”


In Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the chief engineer Zu Chunxiang's sentence is regarded as a vivid annotation to the corporate culture of Zixin Pharmaceutical's “Drug for the People”.


Zixin Pharmaceutical, which started with proprietary Chinese medicine, has a history of 19 years. In the past 19 years, Zixin Pharmaceutical has always regarded product quality as the company's first lifeline. In the wave of the wave of the market, with the spirit of excellence in craftsmanship, concentrate on making safe medicine.


Use the strict standards to buy the first medicinal materials


Zu Chunxiang, after graduating from the Chinese Medicine Department of Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, studied Chinese medicine for three years. Nearly 60 years old, she has been dealing with Chinese medicine for more than 30 years. She is also the representative of Zixin Pharmaceutical's “Laoshan Veteran” and the company's craftsman spirit.


As the chief engineer of Zixin Pharmaceutical, in her opinion, the quality of raw materials directly affects the quality and efficacy of proprietary Chinese medicines. Good medicine, medicine can be good. Strictly purchase medicinal materials, do not let the inferior medicinal materials enter the enterprise, become the first level of Zixin Pharmaceutical to eliminate inferior drugs and counterfeit drugs, and do a good job in product quality.


For the medicinal herbs, if you want to enter Zixin Pharmaceutical, you must "go through the five customs and six will" 


Every year, Zixin Pharmaceuticals will send out the company's professionals to conduct on-the-spot investigations on the product quality system, production capacity and production system of raw material procurement suppliers. After the test is passed, Zixin Pharmaceutical will list it as a qualified supplier. Through the open bidding, the final raw material procurement supplier is selected.


To become a raw material procurement supplier, it is not a “exemption gold medal” for medicinal materials. For each raw material purchased, Zixin Pharmaceutical will carry out a rigorous routine inspection - "eye-to-hand touch-tongue taste", and "medicines" must first face the strict "interview" of experienced inspectors. After passing the "interview", waiting for them, there are also fine-grained tests. The traits and content of the medicinal materials, whether the heavy metal content exceeds the standard, whether there are pesticide residues... will reveal the original shape here.


Since its establishment, Zixin Pharmaceutical has gone through 19 years, and the types and quantities of raw materials entering the company are indispensable. So, is there any way in Zixin Pharmaceutical that can be used directly into the processing workshop without testing? The answer is "resolutely impossible." Zu Chunxiang said that regardless of the length of cooperation, there is no raw material supplier in Zixin Pharmaceutical, and there is no medicinal material.


In addition to strict testing and testing, in the face of endless falsification and counterfeiting, in order to "know ourselves and know each other", Zixin Pharmaceuticals will send special personnel to the cultivation and procurement of medicinal materials every year to understand new methods and new methods of raw materials fraud and fraud. When testing, it is possible to "prescribe the right medicine" without leaving a dead angle.


The inferior safflower that was doped with red bricks was immediately returned, and was dismantled on the spot with Xiao Pingbei posing as a shoddy phenomenon... With the strict attitude of “never let the inferior medicinal herbs have any arrogant machine” Zixin Pharmaceutical has repeatedly blocked inferior raw materials outside the company's door, and has taken the product quality "first pass" from the source.


Monitor the entire process of pharmaceutical processing with rigorous attitude


In the eyes of many people in Zixin Pharmaceutical, the production and processing of Chinese medicine is not only a technical activity, but also a good-hearted account.


Chinese medicine is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation. From "Chinese herbal medicines" to "Chinese patent medicines", it is necessary to go through multiple processes such as raw material inspection, net preparation, washing, moistening, cutting, processing, drying, and pre-examination inspection. Among them, factors such as temperature, time, and order of drug delivery will affect the final efficacy of the drug.


How to do? Han Ming, vice president of production of Zixin Pharmaceutical, said that every process is strictly strict, every operation is strictly controlled, and every medicine operation specification is strictly enforced.


In the production process of traditional Chinese medicine, five factors including personnel, machinery, materials, methods and environment are affected. For the five major factors, Zixin Pharmaceutical has established strict quality management methods: in terms of personnel, every staff member of the processing workshop must undergo strict job training, regulatory training, and training of Chinese herbal medicine professional knowledge. In the whole process of production, practical Chinese medicine professionals with full experience are supervised throughout the process. In terms of materials, in addition to strict raw material inspection and pre-shipment inspection of finished products, each workshop is also responsible for the quality of its own workshops. Never allow unqualified products to flow into the next process; in terms of environment, in addition to building GMP (production quality) Management Code) The standard processing and production environment also has strict specifications for individual employees' operational processes and behaviors.


In Zixin Pharmaceutical, in addition to strict SOP (standard operating procedures), each medicinal material has a corresponding production specification. In order to avoid the quality deviation caused by human factors as much as possible, Zixin Pharmaceutical is actively promoting the automatic extraction technology to improve the stability of the drug through digital means.


Do the medicine according to the standard, or do the standard medicine? This sentence seems similar, but it is quite different: Zu Chunxiang explained with a certain medicine, and it takes 36 Chinese herbal medicines to brew such a medicine. Due to the large number of ingredients, according to the Pharmacopoeia regulations, the regulatory authorities can only check the ingredients of several important ingredients. Under this circumstance, it is the choice between “cutting the standard pharmaceutical” and the standard pharmaceutical according to the standard, and it becomes the choice between the enterprise's maximum benefit and product quality. In this regard, Zixin Pharmaceutical chose to do the medicine according to the standard, and honestly make good medicine.


Zu Chunxiang said that 19 years ago, when Zixin Pharmaceutical was just established, it took the medicine, the anti-cardiac medicine and the conscience medicine as the company's philosophy. Each of the company's medicine boxes will be marked with “挚真质纯”. Big characters. After more than ten years of development, Zixin Pharmaceutical has gradually become bigger and stronger, but the initial focus on product quality in the development of enterprises has never changed.


Do product standardization with design thinking


In addition to quality supervision and production teams, Zixin Pharmaceutical also has a strong R&D team.


With the development and development of Zixin Pharmaceutical, the company pays more attention to R&D and innovation capabilities, and the intensity of technology development and scientific research is increasing. New product development, intellectual property protection of pharmaceuticals, and in-depth research on older products have become the focus of work.


In order to enhance the research and development strength, Zixin Pharmaceutical has established cooperation projects with many universities and research institutes in China, and actively develops national-level new drugs with good curative effect, less toxic and side effects, high scientific and technological content and broad market prospects.

In Han Ming's view, a strong R&D team is a strong guarantee for Zixin Pharmaceutical's product quality. “Because the quality of the product is designed.” Han Ming explained that any new drug in the R & D and design process has established standardized practices for pharmacological efficacy and process flow. Subsequent production and processing are strictly carried out in accordance with these specifications.


Today, the research and development team of Zixin Pharmaceutical has reached hundreds of people, and the company also has independent research and development capabilities. By cooperating with colleges and universities, and hiring well-known experts and professors to train the company, the professional quality of Zixin Pharmaceutical's technical team and employees is also constantly improving.


A hard work, a harvest. Zixin Pharmaceutical has been strict with the quality of medicines and has been recognized by the public. It has won the “National-level contract-honoring and credit-worthy enterprise” and “National pharmaceutical industry top ten people's assured drug companies”. “China's pharmaceutical industry has no fakes. The unit "" the best reputation unit of the people in Jilin Province" and many other honors. In 2016, Xinhuanet and China Quality Inspection and Quarantine Committee of the China Inspection and Quarantine Association jointly launched the “Quality China” initiative. Zixin Pharmaceutical was listed in the “China Quality” first batch of “Quality China”. There are 37 drug companies in the list, and only 4 in Jilin Province.