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Zixin Ginseng Taiyuan Store opened grandly

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On March 2, 2017, it was the 10th anniversary of Zixin Pharmaceutical's listing. All Zixin people were immersed in excitement and excitement. This day, for Zixin Pharmaceutical, it can be described as "double happiness." In Taiyuan, Shanxi, a famous historical and cultural city known as Longcheng, another Zixin ginseng store has blossomed. Zixin Ginseng Taiyuan Store is located in the prosperous business district of Taiyuan City and the Maoye Building of Longshoudi. The geographical position is superior and the commercial atmosphere is strong, which perfectly matches the high-end quality of Zixin Ginseng.


Qu Xinfang, director of the ginseng business department of Zixin Pharmaceutical Marketing Center, Jia Zong, general manager of Maoye Building, and Mr. Yuan, the head of Zixin ginseng Taiyuan store, attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon.


Up to now, 26 Zixin ginseng stores have taken root in many cities across the country, and the sales market covers Jilin Province, Liaoning Province, Heilongjiang Province, Henan Province, Shandong Province, Jiangxi Province, Zhejiang Province, Hubei Province, Hunan Province, Fujian Province. Provinces, Guangdong Province, Shanxi Province, as well as Beijing, Tianjin and other regions, can be described as arrogant and radiant. The opening of the specialty stores means that the high-end quality of Zixin Ginseng has been highly recognized by consumers, indicating that the timing of Zixin Ginseng entering the national market is maturing.


Zixin ginseng store is one of the important sections of Zixin ginseng channel construction, and the sales of Zixin ginseng store system are increasing year by year. With the improvement of product structure and the promotion of brand image in the future, the store system will become the main channel for Zixin ginseng sales. The establishment of the Zixin ginseng store system, the strengthening of the ginseng culture and corporate culture in the store will be the focus of the next stage, and strive to create a ginseng store system with Zixin culture characteristics.