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Jiang Huquan, Secretary of Yanji Municipal Party Committee, inspected the second phase project of Zixin Chuyuan Company

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On February 15, 2017, Jiang Huquan, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Yanji City, Jilin Province, Li Fuxiang, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yanbian State Xinxing Industrial Concentration Zone, and Li Fuxiang, Director of the Administrative Committee, went to the site of the second phase of the ginseng finishing project of Zixin Chuyuan Company. Guided work, Han Xu, deputy general manager of Zixin Chuyuan Company, and Zhang Bin, administrator of the equipment engineering department accompanied the inspection.


Han Xu briefed Secretary Jiang Huquan on the relevant situation of the second phase of the construction project of Chuanyuan Company: the second phase of the company is planned to build a production workshop, cold storage, warehouse and office building with a total construction area of ​​nearly 50,000 square meters. . The factory building area is nearly 35,000 square meters, with a total investment of about 500 million yuan. After the completion of the expansion project, it will provide a basis for further expansion of production capacity and provide guarantee for the continuous and stable supply of high-quality, highly reliable products. This is a major measure for Zixin Chuyuan to respond to the rapid development of the ginseng market.


Secretary Jiang Huquan listened to the progress report of the second phase expansion project of Zixin Chuyuan Company, and expressed the hope that Chuanyuan Company can continue to help the development of ginseng industry in Jilin Province, contribute to regional economic growth, and actively build supporting production workshops and offices. At the same time of the building, we must pay attention to the rapid withdrawal of corporate capital flows to ensure the normal and orderly development of enterprises. Jiang Huquan encouraged the leadership of the company to work hard to ensure that the company's project was completed and put into production as soon as possible, contributing to regional economic development.