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President of China Everbright Bank Changchun Branch visited Zixin Chuyuan Company

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On January 16, 2017, Yang Guobiao, the president of Changchun Branch of China Everbright Bank, and a group of 4 people went to the investigation and investigation of Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and the general manager of the company, He Yu, and other relevant personnel conducted the investigation.


The inspection team visited and inspected the company's ginseng deep processing production workshop and extraction fermentation production workshop, and learned in detail the ginseng deep processing product positioning and project implementation progress.


Subsequently, a symposium was held at Chuyuan Company to gain an in-depth understanding of the company's development history, major achievements, ginseng deep processing production line construction, investment and financing, asset management, etc. The two sides conducted extensive exchanges and in-depth discussions on long-term strategic cooperation between banks and enterprises.


Through field visits and exchanges, the inspection team fully affirmed the development concept and project construction of Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical, and highly recognized the technology, products and future development prospects of environmental technology and new materials industry projects. And pointed out that Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical has achieved gratifying results through the development of these years.


Everbright Bank is also very concerned about the operation and development of Zixin Chuyuan Co., Ltd., and is very willing to provide multi-variety, more comprehensive and better financial products and services for Chuanyuan. It is hoped that both parties will comply with the laws of economic development, strengthen information sharing, and deepen exchanges and cooperation. Expand cooperation space.


The two sides focused on in-depth discussions and exchanges on the work related to bank-enterprise cooperation, and formed a consensus on how to promote the progress of the work, creating conditions for the full cooperation between the banks and enterprises.