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Zixin Chuyuan Co., Ltd. won the 2016 “Outstanding Enterprise of Jilin Province Using Geographical Indication Protection Products

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On January 6, 2017, the Jilin Provincial Civil Service Bureau and the Jilin Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision jointly organized the 2016 “Jilin Province Advanced Enterprise for the Use of Geographical Indication Products”. Changbai Mountain Ginseng Geographical Indications Use Unit——Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was awarded the 2016 “Advanced Enterprise for the Use of Geographical Indication Products in Jilin Province”.


It is understood that the main purpose of this selection activity is to create a unique brand of Jilin, to promote the sustainable development of the province's characteristic resource industry, and further stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises to actively apply for the use of GI products, and guide more enterprises to apply for and use geographical indications. Product-specific logos, promotion and promotion of geographical indication products, improve the visibility and market share of our province's featured products. According to the "Regulations on the Protection of Geographical Indication Products", the selection activities were reviewed by enterprises, the quality and technical supervision of each city and state, and the preliminary examination of the county (city) market supervision and management department, and the evaluation and assessment of the expert group. The Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau actively organized the recommendation of each county-level bureau, and conducted qualification examinations on the enterprise application materials, and finally recommended the Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to the Provincial Geographical Indication Product Protection Office.


Zixin Chuyuan Company will rely on the awareness of geographical indication product protection, enhance the popularity and influence of ginseng products, shape the brand image, enhance market competitiveness, lead the development of ginseng industry, and promote the development of local characteristic resources industry.