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Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. exclusively hosted the China Agricultural E-Commerce Expo Park Jilin Pavilion

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On December 20th, 2016, the China Agricultural E-commerce Expo Park, which opened online sales and offline experience of the new retail model, finally unveiled the mystery in Hangzhou. The leaders, experts, scholars and enterprises from all walks of life gave high attention and attention to the opening of China Agricultural E-Commerce Expo Park, and fully recognized and expected this new retail business model.


The China Agricultural E-Commerce Expo Park is divided into three parts: the National Pavilion, the Domestic Local Pavilion and the Santong Pavilion (export to domestic sales are the same as the same standard), and more than 2,000 categories of fine agricultural products at home and abroad. Among them, the Jilin Pavilion is exclusively undertaken by Zixin Pharmaceutical.


"Xiongshan cares the world, Linhai out of the rare" line of big words into the eye, this is the neatly displayed Jilin Pavilion, white and blue peripheral snowflake objects embellishment, have not yet stepped into the hall to feel the beauty. The 168-square-meter Jilin Pavilion has a rich local culture. The overall design is based on the “Ginseng”, the first of the three treasures in the Northeast. It is equipped with ginseng, velvet, sable, black fungus and other characteristics of the Northeast culture, ecological experience zone and high-quality Zixin. Ginseng product display area.


What is the difference between the China Agricultural E-commerce Expo Park? Why did you get such a high degree of attention when you made a debut? Here is a shopping mall with a wide variety of agricultural products, including imported food, export quality for the domestic market, and more than 20 provinces and cities of the original ecological boutique agricultural products. Here is the Expo Park, Ukrainian beauty, Spanish girl, Japanese exquisite architecture, Australian grassland scenery, southeastern Dai people's drums, Daxing'anling beasts. Exotic customs and traditional culture from all over the world can be seen here.


Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. undertook the Jilin Pavilion, which not only represents the ginseng industry in Jilin Province, but also represents the exclusive quality of Jilin Province. The quality of ginseng on the market is now uneven, and it can be a company that has always adhered to quality like Zixin. But few are few. Zixin Ginseng not only brought the local customs of Jilin to the tourists, but also brought the quality ginseng representing the image of Jilin. Here, you can experience a new shopping experience, shuttle in a variety of ginseng products, take pictures, listen to the guide's explanation, Chinese products, as long as the QR code, you can place an order online, after the park, you bought The product has been packaged in front of you, and you can even order a blessing for your family. You have already arrived at home with the goods.


As a representative enterprise of the ginseng industry in Jilin Province, Zixin Pharmaceutical has pushed Jilin specialty products to the international platform for the first time. With a heartfelt heart, Zixin Pharmaceutical integrates the resources advantages of local and its own enterprises, vigorously revitalizes the ginseng industry in Jilin Province, and will always maintain its initial heart, adhere to the unwavering quality, let Jilin ginseng go to the world, will Zixin spirit Continue to inherit!