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Jilin Cao Dandan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. won the title of “State-honoring Contract and Credit” Enterprise

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A few days ago, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the list of enterprises that abide by the contract and re-credit in 2014-2015. Jilin Cao Dandan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was once again on the list after being evaluated as a national-level “contract-honoring and credit-respecting” enterprise in 2012-2013.


A total of 13 companies in Yanbian Prefecture were publicized as state-level “contract-honoring and credit-respecting” enterprises, and Jilin Caodan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. became one of the four companies in Dunhua that received this honor.


The “bidding contract and credit” corporate publicity activities is an administrative guidance activity organized by the industrial and commercial departments to standardize corporate contract behavior, guide corporate integrity performance, and promote corporate credit construction. It is an important part of the construction of social credit system. (state), provincial and national levels. Among them, the state-level “contract-honoring and credit-worthy” is the “golden signboard” for enterprises to participate in market activities. The activity is publicized once every two years, and a system of revocation of public notices is established, dynamic supervision is implemented, and social supervision is accepted. Jilin Cao Dandan Pharmaceutical has won this honor to show that the company has been widely recognized by the state and society in terms of integrity.


Credit is the lifeline of the market economy. Integrity management is the first criterion that enterprises must abide by. It is a valuable intangible asset of an enterprise and the key to building a brand and establishing an image. Over the years, Cao Dandan Pharmaceutical has always believed that integrity is the foundation of the survival and development of enterprises, focusing on strengthening the construction of credit system, strictly abiding by laws and regulations, operating according to law, consciously accepting social supervision, and continuously improving the level of contract credit management. Strictly implement the rules and regulations on contract signing to ensure that the contract is legal and legal. At the same time, we will continue to improve the management of contract files, improve the standardization of contract management, and promote the construction and improvement of corporate credit system.


Jilin Cao Dandan Pharmaceutical will take this award as an opportunity to continue to strengthen the construction of corporate credit risk prevention system focusing on contract management and credit management, establish a good image of the company's law-abiding performance, and create a beautiful “good business card” for the company. ".