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Zixin Pharmaceutical was awarded the “Brand Enterprise with the highest brand value” in 2016

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On December 12, 2016, China Brand Construction Promotion Association, Economic Daily, China Council for International Trade Promotion, China Asset Appraisal Association and other units jointly released the “2016 China Brand Value Evaluation Information”.


It is understood that the types of brand evaluation are divided into one, two and three industries, which are evaluated separately according to corporate brand, product brand, Chinese old brand, geographical indication product regional brand and independent innovation brand. After material review, expert review, value measurement and results The verification produced the results of the 2016 brand value evaluation.


According to statistics, a total of 46 pharmaceutical companies ranked among the “2016 China Brand Value Evaluation Information”. Among the corporate brands, a total of 26 pharmaceutical companies are on the list, including 24 biopharmaceutical companies. Zixin Pharmaceutical was successfully selected by brand strength 764 and brand value of 596 million yuan, becoming one of the three biomedical enterprises in Jilin Province.