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Zixin Pharmaceutical's title network drama "Outside the Lover" shocked the first broadcast on November 15

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Recently, it was produced by Beijing Yuteng Chuangshi Culture Media Co., Ltd., Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Beijing Qingluo Food Marketing Co., Ltd., Siping Hongbaolai Beverage Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Ruifan Jewelry Co., Ltd. Friendship-supported urban fantasy love youth comedy "Outside the Lover" has been perfected, and will be premiered on the Internet on November 15th, sending shocking visual benefits to hundreds of millions of online drama enthusiasts across the country.


It is reported that the urban fantasy love drama "Outside the Lover" by a large number of handsome men and women is the most popular online drama of netizens this year. It can be said that it is not broadcast first, its director team, actor qualification and other lineups. Not inferior to the previous online drama, it can be described as a "fighter" in the online drama, not only the plot is compact, the creation is novel, and the entertainment fans of all walks of life play the role of the drama for the drama, contributing humorous, funny and nonsense to the netizens. A variety of hilarious plots.


According to the entertainment circle scouts, Wang Hao, the director of "Outside the Lover", is a new post-80s director in China and has experience in participating in many online dramas and online games. As early as 2012, Director Wang Hao had written and directed the online drama "Anger Tang Yan". Then, the first online e-sports movie "E-sports University" in China was also produced by the talented director Wang Hao as a late director.


There are good directors, good investors and sponsors, and naturally there are no good actors. With the eye of Ming Rui, director Wang Hao selected a number of outstanding young actors who can be competent in the national film and television rookie as the role-players of the show. The male protagonist Ocean is a high-caliber student who graduated from the Performance Department of the Communication University of China. Not only has a high value, but also a good temperament, he has appeared in the film and television dramas such as "Strange Doctor Tang Shenwei" and "Hundred Years Love Letter", and has dedicated himself to the audience. Acting. Ma Yaoyao, a female protagonist, graduated from the Guangdong Dance Academy. She is a goddess-level figure with a beautiful shape, tall figure, vitality, acting and face value. Ma Yaoyao, who has had many performances, is in "The Grandmaster of the Girl". "The Nightmare" "The Spring of Ballet Behind True Love" and many other TV dramas have appeared in the film. Among them, Ma Yaoyao starred in the women's "Hard Disk Girl" and won the Best Screenplay Award from China International Youth Film Festival. "The Hard Disk Girl" is widely known for its pure and cute image. The temperament and the free acting of the robots make a deep impression.


In addition to the protagonist's protagonist is the most promising potential stock in the entertainment industry, Zhou Xingchi's supporting role "soying explosion" He Wenhui, a well-known big coffee in the comedy world, will also be invited to appear in the "extraordinary lover" "many male anti-" role one. There are so many face-to-face roles and acting roles to share the urban fantasy love youth comedy of "The Extraterrestrial Lovers". Netizens can feast their eyes on it, releasing stress and finding happiness in the drama.