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How to inherit and develop good Chinese medicine in the new era

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The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that the implementation of the "healthy China" strategy should adhere to the emphasis on both Chinese and Western medicine and the development of Chinese medicine. Then, in the context of China’s development has entered a new era, how can we pass on and develop Chinese medicine well?



Inherit well, develop well, make good use of

First of all, this requires Chinese medicine practitioners: First, we must "enhance national self-confidence", don't worship foreigners, don't count the eternal ancestors, any national nihilism is not conducive to the development of Chinese medicine; second, we must "courage the medical peak", do not wait and see, do not Fear of it. Traditional Chinese medicine is the crystallization of wisdom and experience in ancient China. Some theories are even advanced and leading. They must have the courage to climb the peak of medicine. The third is to "deeply explore the essence of the treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine and give full play to the uniqueness of traditional Chinese medicine. Advantage". We must focus on inheritance, absorb the essence from the classics of traditional Chinese medicine and the experience of old Chinese medicine; focus on the advantages, not westernization, ambiguity, metaphysics, vulgarization, and do not take care of the disease, diagnosis, treatment, and care with special advantages. The "heirloom treasures" of the ancestors such as theory and technology have been lost; the fourth is to "promote the modernization of Chinese medicine and promote Chinese medicine to the world", to innovate on the basis of inheritance, to absorb modern science and technology, not to be self-styled, not to stick to the rules. In short, to be worthy of the ancestors, we must be "three good" - "effectively inherit the valuable wealth that Chinese ancestors have left us, develop well, and make good use of them."


Inheritance is good: the classic theory of traditional Chinese medicine and the academic experience of old Chinese medicine experts must be inherited from the original, which is the basis of academic progress and career development. It is often said that "the foundation is not strong, and the ground is shaken." It should be avoided to use some plausible so-called modern theories to interpret, misinterpret, and decorate Chinese medicine. We should try our best to avoid the fragmentation, hollowing, and marginalization of Chinese medicine theory.


Develop well: Consciousness, self-confidence, autonomy, and self-improvement can develop well. TCM treatment focuses on function, dynamics, overall, and macroscopic. Western medicine focuses on structure, static, local, and microscopic, each with its own characteristics and advantages. If Chinese medicine imitates and applies the academic norms and standards of Western medicine, it will inevitably weaken its own characteristic advantages, and it will not be able to play its leading role in the treatment of disease, the synergy in the treatment of major diseases, and the core in rehabilitation. effect. We must independently develop and formulate academic norms and standards for Chinese medicine.


Good use: Chinese medicine is not only a medical science with Chinese characteristics, but also a treasure house containing Chinese cultural elements. It can be used in multiple levels, wide areas, and wide coverage. It can be used to save lives and protect the sick. Beauty and fitness can be used to support old age and longevity; it can be used for healthy tourism, but also for poverty alleviation; it can be used for evangelism and research and development; it can be used for both emerging and ecological construction; Communicating with culture, and using international exchanges, etc.



Adhere to the importance of both Chinese and Western medicine

Inheriting the development of Chinese medicine

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China highlights the principle of building a healthy China: "Standing on the importance of both Chinese and Western medicine, and inheriting the development of Chinese medicine."


The previous sentence is for the status quo. Because "the emphasis of both Chinese and Western medicine" has been proposed for many years, due to various factors, the actual status quo has not reached "emphasis", regardless of system construction, institutional scale, capital investment, personnel training, service scope, service level, etc. In all aspects, Western medicine is the mainstay and Chinese medicine is the supplement. Therefore, the first requirement is that we must truly "emphasize the importance of both Chinese and Western medicine" and require "persistence", that is, we cannot "emphasize" and not "emphasize" for a while; in this respect, "equal", on the other hand, does not "But it must be treated equally and treated equally. When we look back and analyze it further, we can clearly see that the history of Chinese medicine has been owed too long and too much. For this reason, at this stage, it is necessary to give Chinese medicine the necessary inclination in terms of policy formulation and capital investment. This is one of the important reasons for the promulgation and implementation of the Chinese Medicine Law and the continuous publication of relevant important documents on the development of Chinese medicine by the State Council.


The latter sentence is for the future. Because Chinese medicine is made in China, the country needs to inherit and develop in all aspects, from the preservation of Chinese culture genes, highlighting the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, making full use of ecological resources, building a simple and convenient medical and health care system, and safeguarding people's health. Pharmaceutical business.


We must respect, learn, and learn from Western medicine. We must "pay equal attention to both Chinese and Western medicine" in our understanding. We must also be self-respecting, self-confident, self-reliant, and self-reliant. We must "inherit and develop the Chinese medicine cause" and use actions and effects to prove that "Chinese and Western medicine are equally important."


in principle:

Creative transformation, innovative development

How should Chinese medicine develop to become a new era of medicine with Chinese characteristics? The National Health and Wellness Conference held last year emphasized that “we must strive to achieve creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese medicine health and wellness culture”. This establishes the basic principles for the development of Chinese medicine.


Creative transformation: Motivation is “creation” and the aim is to “transform” in order to adapt to the new requirements of the new era. The main areas of creative transformation of traditional Chinese medicine: First, the transformation of the spirit of service, the realization of the traditional spirit of “big doctors and sincerity”, the perfusion of modern medical service behavior, the establishment of the “Medical Regulations” of Chinese medicine, to strengthen the self-discipline and the people of Chinese medicine practitioners. The need to restore the traditional Chinese medicine humanistic care tradition; the second is the transformation of the service concept, to achieve a major shift from “treatment centering on disease” to “health promotion as the center” to adapt to the new medical reform “strategic advancement” and “focus shifting” The third is the transformation of the service model, from the hospital one-way service model to the co-construction and sharing service model, to adapt to the "healthy and strong" full cycle, wide coverage of health care, disease rehabilitation and health care needs The fourth is the transformation of service measures to achieve the comprehensive treatment conversion of oral, acupuncture, medicated bath and guidance combined with internal decoction and internal treatment, in order to adapt to the needs of prevention and treatment of dominant diseases of traditional Chinese medicine. Reduce trauma, reduce toxic side effects, and highlight the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine.


Innovative development: Motivation is “innovation” and the aim is to “develop” to meet the new goals of the new era. The main areas of innovative development of traditional Chinese medicine: First, the theoretical innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, based on the inheritance of classical theory, combined with the social conditions, ecological environment, lifestyle, disease evolution, etc. of contemporary human survival and life, based on "the heavenly man The principle of “oneness of oneness” and “the combination of form and spirit” is to innovate the theory of Chinese medicine differentiation and treatment and the standardization and treatment program; the second is the innovation of traditional Chinese medicine technology, based on the traditional diagnostic techniques of traditional Chinese medicine and the traditional treatment of Tangmao Danmao. In combination with modern science and technology, innovative diagnostic methods and treatment methods; the third is the innovation of Chinese medicine personnel training model, on the basis of school education, respecting the law of the growth of Chinese medicine talents, establishing the evaluation criteria of Chinese medicine talents, combined with modern information technology, For the practitioners after the "access", the innovation is based on the teacher-training + training, and the different levels of TCM personnel training mode; the fourth is the innovation of TCM scientific research model, respecting the traditional Chinese medicine based on theoretical guidance and clinical practice accumulation, Establish evaluation standards for scientific research achievements of Chinese medicine, unite professional strengths from all walks of life, and combine big data, Modern information technology such as cloud computing, innovative scientific research mode of Chinese medicine; Fifth, innovation of Chinese medicine culture communication mode, on the basis of successful implementation of "Chinese medicine Chinese medicine", training professional teams, setting up special platforms, strengthening base construction, and uniting tradition And emerging media, with grassroots, rural areas, communities, units and the Belt and Road along the main line, innovative Chinese medicine culture communication model, and constantly enhance the leading position of traditional Chinese medicine in the field of Chinese cultural heritage and in the global traditional medicine field.