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Zixin Ginseng has obtained organic product certification

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On November 7, 2016, Zixin Ginseng successfully passed the inspection and verification of Liaoning Fangyuan Certification Center and obtained the “ORGANIC (China Organic Product) Certification” (the product representative with the ORGANIC logo complies with international or national organic food requirements and standards, allowing Print the food quality and safety market access mark and number on the food packaging of the smallest sales unit).


In order to further improve the quality and safety of food, and to provide consumers with more safe and secure ginseng products, Zixin Chuyuan has been actively engaged in organic product certification since the beginning of this year. In the examination and acceptance, the audit expert group fully affirmed the planting base, production environment, equipment process and process, key control links, inspection capabilities and management system of Zixinchuyuan organic ginseng. The company finally passed the acceptance test and became the ginseng enterprise that obtained the national organic product certification.


As a leading enterprise in the industry, Zixin Chuyuan has successfully obtained organic product certification, which is not only a spur and a responsibility, but also has a significant impact and significance for the entire ginseng industry. The certification of organic products makes ginseng enterprises more strict with their own requirements, eliminates backward production capacity, improves market access threshold, and formulates unified standards for the development of ginseng industry; it is conducive to the increasingly standardized ginseng industry market, avoiding the situation that quality cannot be guaranteed. The pursuit of low cost, the realization of the entire industry chain management and control, and promote the standardized operation of the ginseng market.