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Zixin brand settled in Harbin Airport

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In October 2016, Zixin Ginseng Harbin Airport Store officially opened. At this point, Zixin Ginseng brand has been established in the important provincial capitals of the three northeastern provinces. This is of strategic significance to the national strategic layout of Zixin Ginseng brand.


The store channel is one of the important channels for Zixin ginseng sales. The significance of the store construction is that it can greatly enhance brand tension, brand awareness, reputation and enhance customer loyalty. The construction of airport specialty stores is more different from traditional specialty stores, which is of great significance for the brand construction of Zixin Ginseng. On the one hand, the airport is a high-end venue. The passengers who choose to travel by plane are middle and high-end people, who will taste life and have strong purchasing power. Moreover, “ginseng” is a product that carries traditional culture and has local characteristics. It is the first choice for gift giving out, which will greatly increase the sales of the store. On the other hand, the establishment of brand-name stores at Zixin Ginseng has the strategic significance of consolidating the brand and developing the market. Changchun, Yanji and Harbin are key cities in the three northeastern provinces. Zixin ginseng stores in these cities to stabilize the brand's position in Jilin Province, while the foreign visitors strengthen the image of Zixin ginseng, laying the foundation for the layout of the provincial market. Tianjin and the upcoming Nanchang and Beijing are important blows to the impact of Zixin Ginseng on the national market. The unified VI image has a great brand promotion role and benefits from the subsequent development of the local market.


Through the efforts of the first three quarters of 2016, the ginseng sales store department won the approval of the construction of four airport stores. After the opening of the Harbin airport store, it is expected that the Beijing and Nanchang airport stores will officially open at the end of 2016.


The establishment of Zixin Ginseng specialty store system, enriching the construction of ginseng culture and corporate culture in the store will be the focus of the next stage, and strive to create a unique ginseng store system with Zixin culture characteristics.