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Jilin Food and Drug Administration Bureau conducts GMP inspection on Zixin Chuyuan Company

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In order to consolidate the certification results of the newly revised drug GMP, strengthen the management of drug GMP after the certificate, and promote the continuous improvement of the quality management level of pharmaceutical production, on October 20, 2016, Yan Haijiang, deputy director of the Jilin Food and Drug Administration, Jilin Province Deng Huimin, Director of the Supervisory Office, accompanied by Hu Zhongyu and Jin Chengmin, deputy directors of the Yanbian Food and Drug Administration, conducted a GMP inspection of Zixin Chuyuan Company. Han Xu, deputy general manager of Zixin Chuyuan Company, Cui Junming, director of the production department, and Tan Wei, director of the quality department, received the reception.


The main contents of this inspection of the inspection team are: environmental sanitation conditions of enterprises; raw material quality control, production process control and quality control of finished products; production and sales records, factory inspection records and processing records of non-conforming products.


The inspection team went to the plant of Chuanyuan Company to inspect the raw material warehouse, production workshop, finished product warehouse and laboratory of the food production enterprise. Also inquired about the company's raw material source, product variety, production volume, sales channels, employees, etc., and carefully reviewed the production license, raw material ledger, product packaging and warehouse, production records, inspection records, inspection equipment Use, product retention, disinfection records, etc., and focus on the purchase and use of fresh ginseng.


The inspection team believes that the products of the company have complete traceability, detailed records, effective food safety control during the production process, and guidance on problems in the packaging of the outer packaging and the storage of food raw materials.


At the same time, the inspection team has fully affirmed the production work of the company, and hopes that the company can continue to maintain a good working situation. In the future work, the company's quality department should further improve the quality and safety of the production and processing links, so that the company's Product safety supervision has reached a new level.