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Zhongke Zixin won the honorary title of “2016 Deloitte-Yizhuang Mingri Star”

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On October 12th, 2016, the “2016 Deloitte-Yizhuang Mingri Star” awarding ceremony was held in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. Beijing Zhongke Zixin Technology Co., Ltd. was selected as the “2016 Deloitte-Yizhuang Mingri Star” honorary title! Yin Jinlong, general manager of Zixin Pharmaceutical, and Ren Lufeng, executive deputy general manager of Beijing Zhongke Zixin Technology Co., Ltd., were invited to participate in the awarding ceremony and receive the award.


General Manager Yin Jinlong said that Zhongke Zixin was able to win this honor, which means that the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Government fully affirmed and supported Zhongke Zixin, and also trusted and encouraged the future development of Zhongke Zixin. It marks that Zhongke Zixin has entered a stage of rapid development. Zhongke Zixin will always adhere to the "scientific and technological innovation, scientific popularization" as the guiding ideology, "do the Chinese people's own sequencer" as its mission, adhering to the "independent innovation, the pursuit of excellence," the purpose, diligent industry, active exploration, research and development Leading international technology, leading the development trend of the industry, creating internationally renowned brands and making due contributions to the development of China's genetic sequencing industry!


"Deloitte - Yizhuang Tomorrow Star" Awards

Deloitte-Yizhuang High-Tech High-Growing Top 20 (referred to as “Yichuang Top 20”) and Deloitte-Yizhuang Mingri Star (referred to as “Yizhuang Mingri Star”) is a sub-project of Deloitte China's Top 50 High-Tech Growth Series. Co-hosted by Deloitte and the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee. It aims to discover and recognize the outstanding enterprises of Beijing Yizhuang's rapid growth and continuous innovation. Yizhuang Top 20 enterprises will automatically become candidates for the Deloitte China Top 50 and Asia Pacific Top 500 projects. Yizhuang Mingzhi Star will automatically become a candidate for Deloitte China's tomorrow star.


Through this selection activity, we will explore more outstanding enterprises in the industry, promote the development of the industry, help award-winning enterprises to enhance their brand influence, attract the attention of investors and financial support, and receive support from government departments, as well as Deloitte's special 20 Exclusive value-added services customized by strong enterprises, such as Deloitte's Corporate Growth Institute, information technology consulting, corporate financial advisors, and domestic and overseas listing audits and tax planning. ”