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China Gene Sequencing Technology and Industry Alliance officially established Yin Jinlong, general manager of the company, is th

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   On September 9, 2016, the Chinese Gene Sequencing Technology and Industry Alliance (CSTIA) was formally established in the Zhongke Zixin Gene Industrial Park and established an alliance office.


The "China Gene Sequencing Technology and Industry Alliance" was initiated by well-known scholars and industry leaders engaged in research and development of gene sequencing technology in China. Previously, on August 7th, 2015, the “China Gene Sequencing Technology Industry Development Summit Forum” held by Zhongke Zixin, the participating experts jointly launched the initiative to establish the alliance to promote the overall coordinated rapid development of China's gene sequencing industry. The official establishment of the alliance marks the formation of the joint efforts of academic and industrial institutions that independently research and develop gene sequencing technology in China, and provides a cohesive force for achieving independent innovation and leap-forward development in the field of gene sequencing in China.


The purpose of the establishment of China Gene Sequencing Technology and Industry Alliance is to achieve the overall coordinated development by combining China's gene sequencing technology R&D institutions and industrial units, to establish a research and development cooperation platform for sequencing technology, to promote the transformation of sequencing technology results, and to comprehensively improve the level and industry of China's gene sequencing technology. Competitiveness. Through the sincere cooperation and unremitting efforts of all parties, the Alliance will promote the development of sequencing technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights in China, serve the life sciences and general health of China, cultivate leading enterprises in the industry, break the monopoly of the industry, and be related industries. Develop sustainable independent innovation products and integrated application solutions, and lead international, national and industry standards to jointly create a complete Chinese genetic sequencing industry chain with international competitiveness.


China Gene Sequencing Technology and Industry Alliance has established offices, secretariats, academic committees, industry committees and investment committees. The board of directors includes Yu Jun, researcher of Beijing Genomics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Lu Zuhong of Southeast University, Yu Yude, researcher of Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Sheng Siwei, general manager of Shenzhen Huayinkang Gene Technology Co., Ltd., Professor Huang Yanyi of Peking University, and Professor Wu Dongping of Fudan University Professor Liu Quanjun from Southeast University, Professor He Jiankui, General Manager of Shenzhen Bohai Gene Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Researcher Wang Deqiang from Chongqing Institute of Green Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr. Hu Pangen, General Manager of Shanghai Xiaohai Turtle Technology Co., Ltd., and Saina Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Mr. Wu Lei, Manager, Mr. Yin Jinlong, General Manager of Beijing Zhongke Zixin Technology Co., Ltd., and Professor Ren Lufeng, Deputy General Manager, are well-known experts and scholars in the field of domestic gene sequencing technology and representatives of industry leaders. The Council of the Alliance elected the researcher of the Army as the chairman of the first alliance, Professor Lu Zuhong as the director of the academic committee, Professor Sheng Siwei as the director of the industry committee, Professor Yin Jinlong as the director of the investment committee, Professor Lu Feng as the secretary general of the alliance, and Mr. Hu Pangen as the director. Deputy Secretary-General of the Union.


In this meeting, the Alliance Council conducted in-depth discussions on the alliance charter, development plan, member absorption plan, cooperation development model, recent major work and activities, and reached broad consensus.