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Expanding channels, strengthening terminals, and winning the future - The start-up meeting of the Beijing-Tianjin region of the

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At 1 pm on August 29th, 2016, the company “OTC Beijing-Tianjin Regional Launch Conference” was held in Beihai Hall of Beijing Hemei Huitong International Hotel. The theme of the conference was “Extension Channel·Strong Terminal·Win the Future”. Xu Daqing, Vice President of Sales, Feng Youshun, General Manager of OTC Business Unit, Yan Binglin, Marketing Director of OTC Beijing and Tianjin, Yan Dazhao, Chairman of Qinglou, 5 Provincial Managers, Training Specialist of OTC Business Unit Ding Cuicui, Wang Juan, Qing Wei Consultant Yang Weijun Mr. Wu Shuang, Director of the Commercial Department of Kyung Lobby, Wu Hongchao, Cui Guangling, Chief Financial Officer of Qing Lobby, Manager Lu, Human Resources Department of Qingfang Hall, and the staff of the Department of Marketing and the OTC Business Unit attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Feng Youshun, general manager of the OTC business unit, delivered a speech. Feng said that in the first half of 2016, the newly established control team of the company's OTC business unit Beijing-Tianjin area (Qinglou) marked the company's imminent entry into the third terminal market, providing new opportunities and challenges for the company's rapid development in the future. This conference is an opportunity to encourage team morale, strengthen team cohesion, and make the team clear the direction of work and goals of each stage.


Subsequently, the training experts of OTC Business Unit Ding Cuicui and Wang Juan introduced the OTC product training and promotion program respectively. The outstanding OTC sales manager of Hebei Province, Shi Zhiheng of Hebei Province, Wu Defeng of Henan Province, and Lai Haiping of Guangdong Province shared their experiences. Yan Binglin The director read out the work plan of the OTC business unit. Next, team task indicator recognition, team display and flag-raising ceremony were held.


After speaking at the lobby of Liu Qing, the vice president of the company’s sales, Xu Daqing made a concluding speech. Mr. Xu pointed out that the meeting deepened the marketing team's understanding of the company and products, shared and learned marketing experience, and strengthened cooperation and communication. 2016 is a challenging year for the pharmaceutical industry, but it is also full of opportunities. As long as everyone spares no effort to implement the company's policies and policies, and overcome difficulties, it will seize the market opportunity and win in this transformation. It is necessary to combine the current status of the Chinese traditional medicine market and strive to create a sales model with Zixin characteristics.


After the meeting, all participants took a group photo.