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Participate in breathing assistance 2016 Changchun Champion Champion Championships perfect ending

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On the morning of July 31, 2016, the final of the 2016 Changchun Public Champion Championship was hosted by Changchun Sports Bureau as the guiding unit and Changchun Anzhong Culture Communication Co., Ltd. As a series of activities of the Changchun City National Fitness Games, the event will spread the attitude of “green, healthy, ecological and environmental protection” with the theme of “love sports and health”. Adhering to the same philosophy, Zixinshen Breathing Products will be the only designated beverage in the final of this Champion Championship, which will provide sports energy for the participants.


The Changchun Run is a public welfare activity for the whole people. The meaning of “public” participation is everyone's participation in sports events, which is held once a year. In the form of three-person group and team competition, it is divided into men's group, women's group and mixed group. The whole process is 3.8 kilometers, and the accumulated time of the team's arrival at the end point is taken as the final result. Since the beginning of May, the current public races have been set up in three races, which are held in Sculpture Park, Automobile Park and Beihu Park. A total of 432 people were selected to enter the finals. The final venue was located on the Yitong River in Changchun's “Mother River”.


Zixin Ginseng Sales Company has set up a breathing energy station at the starting and ending points of the stadium. The refrigerator comes with a refreshing and refreshing ginseng drink for the contestants who participate in the competition in the summer, and a ginseng food experience zone is also established. We provide energy replenishment. The breathing and ginseng honey tablets are the most popular products on the spot. After warming up, the players gathered in front of the breathing energy station and prepared for the game. The event was successfully concluded in the fierce competition. The image of Zixin Ginseng's healthy, green and nutritious products was highly recognized by the sports enthusiasts.


The sponsorship event was led by the ginseng sales company's specialty store and the sales staff on the spot. It aims to promote a green and healthy lifestyle, spread the brand concept of Zixin Ginseng, and let more people love sports, love the environment, and love healthy life. Learn about Zixin, understand Zixin ginseng products, and shape the brand image of Zixin ginseng. Taking this event as an opportunity, ginseng sales company plans to carry out long-term cooperation with Changchun Anzhong Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and the details of the recent Changchun Music Festival activities are under negotiation. Ginseng Sales Company will use all available resources to complete the brand building work, making Zixin Ginseng a household name and world-renowned!